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1953 Clubman Junior TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 150.92 miles (4 laps)

Description: 1953 Clubman Junior TT Race report from the Isle of Man Times 13 Jun 1953 (p. 3) below which is a full list of competitors:
Clubman’s Junior T. T.
Derek Powell’s Fine Win
Broke McIntyre’s Lap Record
A 24-year-old bulldozer driver, D.T. Powell of East Boldre, Brokenhurst, Hants., won Monday’s Junior Clubman’s T.T. on a B.S.A. at the record speed of 80.17 m.p.h. Powell, who represented the Ringwood M.C. and L.C.C., set up a new lap record at 80.96 m.p.h. on his second circuit, smashing the record of Bob McIntyre last year by 18.4 seconds. He led from the first lap, and was never seriously challenged. Second was O.E. Greenwood, of Leicester, also on a B.S.A., at 79.23 m.p.h., which also beat Eric Houseley’s race record set last year. J. Bottomley (Norton), of Prestwich, was third at 79.09, again faster than the previous record.
There were 70 starters for the race and 49 finishers. Among the non-starters were local men Fred Jenkins and Doug. Crennell. Only two of the three local riders in the race finished. They were Eddie Crooks (Norton), 35th, 2 hrs, 5 mins. 21 secs (72.25 m.p.h.), and Roy Capner (B.S.A.) 49th, in 2 hrs, 29 mins. 59 secs. (60.38 m.p.h.).
Powell started off in determined style, and on his first lap came within four seconds of McIntyre’s 1952 lap record. Only 13 seconds behind was J. Bottomley (Norton) in 28 mins. 33 secs., who in turn headed P.E. Burns by 3 seconds. The race was indeed going to be close. E. Cox (B.S.A.), No. 26, who started between Burns and Bottomley was early in trouble, and he retired at the end of the first lap with a split petrol tank. Also in trouble was S.R. Raynor (B.S.A.) who came off his machine at Hillberry and retired.
Meanwhile, Powell was streaking round the course on his B.S.A. to set a new record at 80.96 m.p.h. and increase his lead over Bottomley to 42 seconds. O.E. Greenwood (B.S.A.) ousted Burns from third place on this lap at a speed of 78.81 m.p.h. G. Owen (Matchless), one of the Manx competitors, was reported to have retired on the second lap, but no reason or position was given. Local riders Eddie Crooks and Capner were still going strong and they completed the two laps in in 62 mins. 40 secs. and 61 mins. 15 secs. respectively.
Lap three saw Powell increase his lead further to 1 min. 48 secs. At this point Powell’s average of 80.57 m.p.h. for the three laps was greater than the previous lap record. In second place was Greenwood (B.S.A.), who had managed to pass Bottomley, and now headed him by 11 seconds. There was a tie for fourth position between A.M. Sutton (B.S.A.) and P. Palmer (B.S.A.) at 78.24 m.p.h. At the end of the lap, Bottomley (25) and Powell (39) were signalled at Governor’s Bridge almost simultaneously and they came through the Start with Bottomley leading by yards. Powell pulled in for petrol. Would Bottomley be able to make up the lost time? He had to lead Powell by over two minutes on the road to be in front. At Ramsey Powell was only 57 seconds behind, but although his last lap in 28 mins. 39.8 secs. was his slowest of the race he won easily by over 80 seconds.
P.E. Burns (B.S.A.), of Fleetwood, who had been on the leader board, lying third at the end of the first lap, came off his machine at the Stonebreaker’s Hut on his last lap and was taken to Ramsey Cottage Hospital.
R Brassington (Norton), came off at the Waterworks and was also taken to Ramsey Cottage Hospital. Both were stated to be “quite comfortable”.


1Powell, Derek1:52:57.8080.17BSA
2Greenwood, Owen1:54:18.0079.23BSA
3Bottomley, Jack1:54:21.6079.09Norton
4Palmer, Phil1:54:52.0078.84BSA
5Sutton, Tony1:55:00.0078.75BSA
6Oldfield, Russell1:55:37.0078.33BSA
7Lloyd, Ivor1:55:40.4078.29BSA
8Voice, Harry1:55:43.0078.26BSA
9McKenzie, H.1:56:01.0078.06BSA
10Taft, M.E.J.1:56:06.8078BSA
11Martin, Angus1:56:15.0077.92BSA
12Haldane, Ewen1:56:41.8077.65BSA
13Ingram, Roy1:56:53.2077.53Norton
14Harris, J.H.T.1:56:59.0077.47BSA
15Brown, Gerald R.1:57:21.0077.21BSA
15=Seston, Sam1:57:21.0077.21BSA
17Wright, Des1:57:37.2077.02BSA
18Salt, George1:58:17.8076.55BSA
19Bowie, Sandy1:58:25.0076.48BSA
20Baxter, E.1:58:44.8076.27BSA
21Williams, E.R.1:59:22.0075.87BSA
22Murphy, George C.A.1:59:52.0075.55BSA
23Cheers, Eric1:59:57.0075.5Norton
24Plews, Harry2:00:06.0075.4BSA
25Smith, Roy2:00:28.0075.18Norton
26Nash, Harry2:00:29.0075.17BSA
27Webb, Doug2:00:41.0075.04Norton
28Northwood, George2:00:44.0075.01BSA
29Scholefield, A.S.2:01:02.0074.82BSA
30McCormick, F.2:02:15.0074.08BSA
31Kershaw, B.2:02:19.0074.04BSA
32Williams, Don2:02:26.0073.97BSA
33Keel, W.J.2:02:34.0073.89AJS
34Boyce, Ellis2:04:34.0072.7Norton
35Crooks, Eddie2:05:21.0072.25Norton
36Dunn, K.R.2:06:21.0071.67BSA
37Gibson, G.E.2:06:47.0071.43BSA
38Robinson, A.N.2:08:31.0070.47BSA
39Mollan, Tony2:08:36.0070.42BSA
40Sheene, Frank2:08:38.0070.4BSA
41Smith, W.R.2:09:31.0069.92BSA
42Robertson, J.G.2:10:55.0069.17BSA
43Griffiths, J.F.2:13:01.0068.08BSA
44Benton, J.2:13:40.0067.25BSA
45Dulson, John2:17:09.0066.03Norton
46Watson, D.R.2:18:22.0065.45BSA
47Dunlop, Gavin2:18:46.0065.26Norton
48Walmsley, Harry2:27:55.0061.22Norton
49Capner, Roy2:29:59.0060.38BSA
RBlackwell, E.D.BSA
RBurns, P.E.BSA
RDrysdale, JimmyBSA
RDunham, LaurenceBSA
REllis, R.BSA
REvans, H.BSA
RHatcher, J.V.BSA
RNorwood, BernardBSA
RRaynor, S.R.BSA
RRussell, R.A.BSA
RSutherland, JakeBSA
ROwen, GooMatchless
RWooderson, NevilleMatchless
RBurton, AdrianNorton
RCunningham, J.BSA
RArnold, GeorgeBSA
RBrassington, ArthurNorton
RCollier, HenryBSA
RSmith, H.Douglas
RKeeler, BobNorton


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