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1956 Sidecar TT

Course name: Clypse

Course length: 97 miles (9 laps)

Description: 1956 Sidecar TT
Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 8 June 1956 (p. 5) below which is a full list of competitors:
Hillebrand Retains Trophy For B.M.W.s

F. HILLEBRAND, second two years ago, on Wednesday won the Sidecar T.T. for Germany after his two team mates, Schneider and Noll, had retired after leading. And so the B.M.W.s repeated their victory of last year and at record speed, and the fourth Tourist Trophy "goes foreign."
The three German B.M.W. men, Schneider (last year’s winner at 70.01 m.p.h.), Hillebrand and Noll (lap record holder at 71.93 m.p.h.), led at the end of the first lap. an impressive performance, but they were closely followed by "Pip" Harris, Cyril Smith and Bob Mitchell. Then Noll got in front, Schneider had had trouble, and Cyril Smith retired. After three laps Noll led Hillebrand by 21 seconds, and 10 seconds later came Harris.

The Start. Wednesday.
And now the stage was set for the battle of the giants! The side- car men revved their machines along the Glencrutchery Road, watched by the enthusiastic spectators, who, like everyone else around the Clypse circuit, were keyed up to witness what is always a spectacular event.
There were two non-starters out of the entry of 23. There were two passenger changes — S. Dibben was chairing in place of N. R. Woollett with Cyril Smith, and Les Knutt was sidecar passenger with Jack Beeton (Norton).
Les Nutt is known as a former passenger with world champion Eric Oliver.

What a superb getaway! The roaring engines sent a crescendo of sound as they set off and the three white streamlined B.M.W.s leapt down Glencrutchery Road— a most impressive sight.
The sidecar men were allowed to start their engines in order to make a clutch start, and as they surged forward, it was realised that here was to be the most impressive of the races held that day.
The sunshine was still holding, though the high wind would reduce speeds. Yet on every corner of this circuit the thrilled spectators were on their toes with excitement as the “chairborne brigade” swept past.
At Cronk-y-Garroo, the three B.M.W. 's were leading the field with Schneider, Noll and Hillebrand in that order.
Schneider, in immaculate style, was in front at the end of the first lap with a good lead over Hillebrand and Noll.
But on their heels came "Pip" Harris, the British challenger, followed very closely by Cyril Smith and newcomer Australian Bob Mitchell, the protege of Eric Oliver.
Oliver, who has been a master of the chair game and a world champion for some years, watched Mitchell go through from the pits, where he was acting as pit attendant.
Creg-ny-Baa announcer (Mr D. Lay) said that Schneider. Hillebrand and Noll were immaculate.
Then came the first battle. Schneider and Noll on their B.M.W.'s roared through with hardly 20 yards between them.
After Hillebrand, the third man, Pip Harris whammed his machine along the straight ahead of Bill Boddice, who had, on the second lap. beaten Mitchell to fifth place.
Now, sensation! Noll was in front at Creg-ny-Baa, and the announcer exclaimed that Schneider "is in serious trouble —serious engine trouble, as it sounds as if some plugs are missing." He also described Pip Harris as being sensational.
One British hope—Cyril Smith on a Norton—was out of the race, having retired at the pits with engine trouble.
Another retirement was T. Sawyer (Norton), also with engine trouble. There was no appearance of Willi Schneider, the B.M.W. expert, and it was obvious that the engine trouble reported at Creg-ny-Baa had put him out of the race. This meant that the three British challengers were in third, fourth and fifth positions ("Pip" Harris, Bill Boddice and Bob Mitchell).
A second B.M.W., that piloted by Wijns, pulled into the pits and he rolled his machine towards the bottom enclosure.
Tearing away from the field, Willi Noll was round Parkfield and away to Johnny Watterson's corner before Hillebrand came from Governor's.
As he got to Parkfield, Pip Harris was coming through, his engine roaring a perfect tune. They were followed by Bill Boddice, and South African Mitchell. Young Mitchell was showing great form for a newcomer to the races, and his red painted machine was going like a bomb.
On the third lap, Jack Beeton came on to the leader board. The retirement of Wijns (B.M.W.) was announced, the balancing chamber of the carburettor being loose.
Creg-ny-Baa reported that Noll was "gobbling the road up." and going "like a thunderclap."
There was a keen tussle in the back numbers between A. Young (Norton) and L. W. Taylor (Norton), who came through the start together.
After Three Laps
Could the British challenge win through? The crowd gasped as leader Noll came through with his engine making a grating sound. Noll waved his hand to his pits and went on his way to Parkfield with Hillebrand on his heels. And then, sensational announcement from Creg-ny-Baa, Hillebrand in the lead and no Willi Noll.
So it was a question, as a contemporary put it — "willi noll come back again?'
Another sensation! Noll retired at Willaston, and was walking back to the start, via the back road.
V. J. R. Rowlands (Norton). gave the thumbs down signal as he went through, and it was obvious that the pace was having its toll on the machines. At this stage there were five retirements and only one manufacturer's team, Watsonian No. 2. and two club teams, Banovallum and Rochester and Chatham remained in the race. F. Taylor pulled into the pits but got away. Hillebrand seemed happy starting his fifth lap. He gave the "thumbs up" signal, though shortly afterwards "Pip" Harris, Bill Boddice and Bob Mitchell were doing their utmost to catch the leader.

After Six Laps
Despite the supreme challenge being put up by the three Britishers Hillebrand was drawing further away and once more he gave the "thumbs up " sign starting on his eighth lap.
Frank Taylor passed the pits with his engine firing badly.
Muhlemann drew roars of laughter as he passed Creg-ny-Baa with the sidecar mudguard off, the motorcycle back mudguard off and the seat out of the passenger's trousers!
The leading man was said to be going "like a rocket" but his cornering was considered wider than that of other riders.
It looked as if Hillebrand could not be beaten unless something happened to his machine in the next two laps.
And such things have been known before. But going through to his last lap, everything seemed O.K.
Some consternation was caused when third man, Bill Boddice slowed down to come into the pits but whether he misunderstood the number of laps he had done was not known. But he suddenly accelerated away again to complete his last lap.
The leading man, Hillebrand, was reported at Creg-ny-Baa "very fast, very neat, steady as a rock."
Hillebrand was signalled at Signpost, and with only The Nook, Governor's Bridge and the straight to negotiate the race was a "cert" for him, and at nearly five minutes to four he flashed across the line, winner of the 1956 sidecar race.
Second man home. Pip Harris, who had fought so gallantly to achieve a British victory, gained the applause and cheers of the spectators on the grandstand. Bill Boddice, third man home, came in some time ahead of the red combination piloted by Bob Mitchell, to complete a very fine achievement.
The winner's time was 1 hr. 23 mins. 12.2 secs., and his speed 70.03 m.p.h. This was a race record for the course by 1.8 secs.

Sixteen of the 21 competitors finished the distance.
Watsonian Sidecar No. 2 team won the team award (J. W. Beevers, F. Taylor and J. Beeton) and Banovallum won the club team award (W. Boddice, F. Taylor and J. Beeton).
The fastest lap time of the day was put up by W. Noll (B.M.W.) in 9 mins. 1.6 secs., a speed of 71.74 m.p.h.
Swiss competitor F. Muhlemann (B.S.A.) was excluded from the finishers as he had only done eight laps of the circuit when the race was over.


1Hillebrand, Fritz & Grunwald, Manfred1:23:12.2070.03BMW
2Harris, Pip & Campbell, Ray1:24:47.8068.71Norton
3Boddice, Bill & Storr, Wally1:26:19.2067.5Norton
4Mitchell, Bob & Bliss, Eric1:27:16.8066.76Norton
5Beeton, Jackie & Billingham, Charlie1:28:53.6065.54Norton
6Walker, Ernie & Roberts, D.G.1:28:59.4065.48Norton
7Hanks, Fred & Dorman, E.1:31:48.0063.47Matchless
8Young, Alan & Partridge, A.C.1:32:14.0063.14Norton
9Beevers, Bill & Mundy, W.J.1:32:42.0062.86Norton
10Taylor, Len & Glover, F.P.1:33:05.4062.59Norton
11Woollett, Peter & Candy, Maurice1:34:00.0061.99Norton
12Skein, Alec & Overall, Don1:37:08.2059.99Norton
13Rowlands, Jack & du Casse, C.1:38:27.2059.18Norton
14Taylor, Frank & Taylor, Ray1:39:32.8058.53Norton
15Curchod, Henri1:40:10.8058.16Norton
RNoll, Wilhelm & Cron, FritzBMW
RMuhlemann, Fritz & Reusser, W.BSA
RSawyers, T. & Musselwhite, S.Norton
RSchneider, Walter & Strauss, HansBMW
RSmith, Cyril & Dibben, StanNorton
RWijns, Jacques & Vervoot, J.BMW


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