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1957 Senior TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 302 miles (8 laps)

Description: 1957 was the Golden Jubilee of the TT and Bob McIntyre ensured his name would forever remain in the record books, as he became the first man to lap the Mountain Course at over 100mph. He rose to the occasion in fine style and led the gruelling 8-lap Senior race from start to finish to claim a record win, just four days after he had achieved a similar feat in the Junior race.

1957 Senior TT
Race report from the TT Special 7 June 1957 (pp.1, 16) below which is a full list of competitors:
“The Magic Ton at last!”
RECORD LAP AT 101.12 m.p.h.
Race Average 98.99
By covering his second lap to-day in 22 minutes 24.4 seconds, at a speed of 101.03 m.p.h., Bob McIntyre (Gilera) became the first man to lap the Mountain Course at over 100 m.p.h. On his fourth lap he was even faster – 22 minutes 23.2 seconds. This is the Golden Jubilee T.T. lap record, 101.12 m.p.h.

Bob won the race to 98.99 m.p.h., so became the sixth rider to do the Junior – Senior “double.” John Surtees (M.V.) was second and Bob Brown (Gilera) third.

Douglas. Friday
The Golden Jubilee T.T. – the Golden Jubilee T.T………..
This week, of course, is Golden Jubilee T.T. week, but it is only today’s Senior Race which fully qualifies for the title. It is due to start at 11 a.m., and with its eight laps, it will be the longest T.T. race of all; eight laps of 37.733 miles each, equal 301.866 miles – well, say 302; quite a long way, even at racing speeds.

The first T.T. of all, fifty years ago, was won by Charlie Collier on a Matchless at 38.22 m.p.h. over ten laps of the “Old Course,” a distance of 158½ miles – in 4 hours 8 minutes 8 seconds. To-day’s race is nearly twice as long but there is no doubt that, even so, it will be finished in well under the four hours; optimists say three hours, reckoning on a lap average of just under the 23 minutes!

Turning the clock on 49 years….. Last year’s Senior was won by John Surtees (M.V.) at 96.57 m.p.h., and John also made fastest lap at 97.79; neither speed, however, was a record, and today’s targets are Geoff Duke’s 1955 race average of 97.93 m.p.h. and a lap record of 99.97 m.p.h.

There are 88 entries for today’s race, exactly the same number as in 1956, but there are nine non-starters, reducing the field to 79 as against 76 last year. One of the non-starters, unfortunately is Geoff himself, who injured his shoulder at Imola in April and is not yet fit to ride; another is John Hartle, who crashed in Monday’s Junior race and who although not seriously hurt, has not passed the doctor for today’s race.

The 88 entries comprise nine different makes, as follows: - Norton (59), B.S.A. (8), Matchless (7), Guzzi (4), A.J.S. and Gilera (3 each), M.V. (2) and B.M.W. and Velocette and one each of the Gileras and M.V’s are non-starters.

Many of the machines are streamlined – some “works,” some private – but a notable, and unexpected “naked” model is Walter Zeller’s B.M.W. of the three works Guzzi’s Dickie Dale’s is the only eight-cylinder, Keith Campbell’s and John Clark’s being singles.

No one in practice reached Geoff Duke’s 1955 record of 99.97 m.p.h., but Bob McIntyre one day, from a standing start, clocked 99.30 – only 8.8 seconds outside Geoff’s record. The Practices Leader Board, indeed, stands as follows:-
1. R. McIntyre (GIlera) 22.47.8 (99.30 m.p.h.)
2. J. Surtees (M.V.) 23.10 (97.72 m.p.h.)
3. W. Zeller (B.M.W.) 23.21.6 (96.71 m.p.h.)
4. T.S. Shepherd (M.V.) 23.24.4 (96.71 m.p.h.)
5. J.Brett (Norton) 23.44.4 (96.71 m.p.h.)
6. R.N. Brown (Gilera) 23.46 (95.25 m.p.h.)
Of these, Terry Shepherd, who was riding Masetti’s M.V., is a non-starter, but any of the other five may win, as may Dickie Dale (Guzzi); and on practice form the most likely rider to do the “ton” is Bob McIntyre.

The six “probables” are well spaced out in the field – Jack Brett (No.1), Dickie Dale (No.18), Walter Zeller (No.39) John Surtees (No.64), Bob Brown (No.76) and Bob McIntyre (No.78); there should be a good “do” between the “Two Bobs,” with only 20 seconds on starting time between them!

Interest to today’s Senior race, in the early stages is increased by a “Curtain Raiser” in the form of a demonstration run, or “Parade,” of ex-T.T. winners, followed by competitors in yesterday’s Vintage M.C.C. T.T. Rally. It will leave Creg-ny-Baa at 10 a.m. and, on closed roads proceed to the Start, arriving just before the warming-up period begins; and at the end of the race, two minutes before the Roads Opening car sets off, Side-car World Champion, Eric Oliver will leave the Start to do a “lap of honour” on his 1954 Sidecar T.T. winning Norton-Watsonian outfit. I myself am concerned in the “Curtain Raiser”; I must down tools and set off for Creg-ny-Baa on my 1920 “racing” Levis – hoping that I shall get there, and back, in time to continue my report….

The Press Box
Well, that was fun! In all the years that I’ve been coming to the T. T., I have never had a chance of riding round any part of the course just before the start of a race. And what crowds there were everywhere – scarcely sitting room on the banks between Creg-ny-Baa and Signpost. I had the pleasure, too, of riding with Alec Bennett and Stanley Woods….

The procession of past T.T. winners was headed by Rem Fowler, Jack Marshall and Eric Williams in a car. I myself was the first on a bike, and as no passing was allowed I won “the race” – wasn’t I proud to “beat” Alec and Stanley!

The weather – “conditions excellent, visibility perfect.” Exceptionally large crowds are reported around the course – I had noticed that – and we are informed that at least 14,000 people arrived by foot this morning.
10.43 a.m. – The warming up period is nearly over.
10.45 a.m. – Silence as the 79 starters line up on their squares; a quarter of an hour to go.
There is only one Manufacturers Team, Guzzi, so they either win it or they don’t. The team is composed of Dale, Campbell and Clark. In contrast there are no fewer than eleven club teams four of them from Australia and New Zealand.
10.50 a.m. – The Commentator: “Fifty years on …. At 11 o’clock we shall see the start of the Golden Jubilee of the T.T. races over eight laps of the famous Mountain Course, a distance of almost 302 miles.”
Here’s a bit of “gen” – Walter Zeller who weighed in with a “naked” model, brought his “egg-shell” up to the start this morning, and has quickly fitted it. Good staff work, that, waiting until the last minute and streamlining when it is found that there is practically no wind; but it does not look as if his front number plate is quite in accordance with the Regulations.
10.55 a.m. – Five minutes to go….
11 a.m. – Bang! Jack Brett’s Norton starts beautifully – the Golden Jubilee T.T. has begun.

All get away easily until the American, A. Aharonian (No.45) who stops, shouts to his mechanic, and pushes backwards up the road to the pit. Then he tries again, just as no. 61 gets off; no good, backwards he pushes to his pit; finally he is away, alongside No.77 – over five minutes lost at the start. Bad luck indeed.
11.15 a.m. – Now they have all gone – and Jack Brett is at Ramsey, well ahead on the roads.
Stop watch on “the two Bobs” at Ballacraine. Brown is there first, but McIntyre is only three seconds after him – seventeen seconds gained on his team – mate in seven miles.
11.20 a.m. – Jack Brett (No.1) has passed the Mountain Box, well ahead of the riders behind him, and here’s Jack at Signpost – the pits. It is over two minutes before the next man comes along – No.4. J.B. Denton.
Here’s the order of the first half dozen past the pits at the end of Lap 1 – No. 1, Brett; 4, Denton; 2, Salt; 5, Costain; 12, McCutcheon; and 18, Dale. Dickie is certainly going some.
J.G. Hempleman (Norton) has stopped at Ballaugh, has made some adjustments and has proceeded; Percy Tait’s engine cuts just as he passes the pits.

Jack Brett’s first lap time is announced as 23 mins. 58.6 sec., and Dickie Dale’s is 23-53.4; not so much in it. McIntyre has overtaken Brown, and is shown at Signpost a minute ahead of him.
Here’s Bob – gee isn’t he going. He must be very close to the “ton,” though perhaps not quite there – and from a standing start – wait for his time.

Meanwhile, here’s John Surtees, time – 23 mins. 17.4 secs., the fastest to be announced up to date; but Bob, according to rough timing is well under the 23 minutes.
Yes, here it is 22 mins. 38.4 secs., at a speed of 99.99 m.p.h. – a new record for the course by 3/5ths of a second, and from a standing start!

Now it is announced that Hempleman has retired at the Mountain Box, and that Albert Moule is touring at the Bungalow. Soon after Albert draws in, takes off his crash-hat and retires. R. Ferguson has stopped at the pits for a plug change, as has D.T. Powell, but both have proceeded. I.F. Yeates has come off at Creg-ny-Baa, has received abrasions and has retired. J.R. Banks stops at the pits, adjusts his clutch, and gets away again.

Five different makes in the first six – Italy, Italy, Germany, Italy, Italy and Britain!
Jack Brett completes his second lap as the first lap leaders are being announced. Dickie Dale (No.18) is next along, and then comes McCutcheon (No. 12); following them are Nos. 4, 5, 19, 15,2,7,20,11 and 31.

Surtees (No.64) tears past with that lovely, terrific noise, but J.R. Clark (43) draws into his pit and stops there for several minutes while his mechanic works on his machine. At last he gets away again.

11.58 a.m. – McIntyre is through again – and surely he’s done it this time!
Yes, not half he hasn’t – 22 mins. 24.4. secs., at 101.03 m.p.h.; and his average for the two laps is well over the “ton” – 100.52 m.p.h.! Will the average for the whole race be over the “100”?

Now some news from round the course: B.P. Setchell (Norton) has retired at Ramsey; Ulf Gate (Norton) has toured in from Signpost and has retired with gear-box trouble; R.H. Lilley (Norton) has come off at the Nook and has been taken to Noble’s Hospital with suspected fracture of his right wrist; Harry Plews (Norton) has packed in with engine trouble at Ballacraine, and A. Aharonian (BSA) has now retired at Sulby Bridge; D.T. Powell (Matchless)has retired at Quarter Bridge. W.C. Hancock and C.F. Salt (B.S.A’s) have both retired at the pits, as has R. Cousins (Norton).

12.25 – Jackie Wood (Norton) draws in for a quick pit stop.
Bob McIntyre’s third lap is not quite so quick as his second – 22 mins. 31 secs. – but his average for the three laps has now risen to 100.53 m.p.h.
Dickie Dale, running fourth has stopped at Sulby Bridge, has made some adjustments and has proceeded. B.J. Morle has retired at Cronk-y-Voddy with engine trouble.
Keppel Gate announcer says: “We’re very sorry to hear about Zeller.” What does that mean – there’s been no news of him here.

12.35 p.m. – Jack Brett is shown at Signpost, and now he draws in for “fuel and refreshments”; he is away in 25 seconds. It is over three minutes before the next man comes in – Dickie Dale – so Jack is now ahead of him. Dickie pulls into his pit and is there for just over a minute.
Here’s the news about Zeller – he has retired at Ramsey, O.K.; so that puts Germany out of the race.
No change on the Leader Board, but with Zeller out of it and Dale having been delayed there certainly will be next lap.
After more retirements, all at the pits – V.T. Williams, F.A. Norris and G.T. Salt (Nortons); no reasons given but all riders O.K.

12.43 p.m. – Surtees (No.64) and McIntyre (78) are both signalled at Signpost, and there are only about ten seconds between as they draw into their pits. There’ll be a “right do” when Bob overtakes John, as he should somewhere on the fifth lap. Stop watches on them at Ballacraine.
Meanwhile it is announced that Bob McIntyre’s fourth lap is a new record - 22 mins, 23.2. secs., at 101.12 m.p.h. His average for the four laps, not including his recent pit stop, which is included in the fifth lap, is 100.68 m.p.h.
Here are Surtees and McIntyre at Ballacraine, with John shown five seconds ahead. Now to Kirk Michael still the same order and still five seconds difference.

Two more retirements – B. Purslow (Norton) at Quarry Bends and J.R. Clarke (Guzzi) at the pits; both riders O.K.

So now it’s a case of Italy first, second, third and fifth, and Britain fourth and sixth. Welcome to the Leader Board, Geoff!

1 p.m. – Jack Brett is well away on his sixth lap, several minutes ahead of the field on the roads; but by now, of course, he will be overtaking the back numbers.
More retirements – Jackie Wood is pushing in from Hillberry and Dave Chadwick and S.R. Cameron have retired at the pits.
Keppel Gate announces that Surtees and McIntyre have come past together, with Surtees about 20 yards ahead and McIntyre well and truly after him. Here they are at Signpost, McIntyre being shown there first – and now they’re past the pits, both going like – well – with McIntyre about 20 yards in front.

1.10 p.m. – Twenty riders are now shown as having retired, so the field is down to 59.
In spite of his pit stop, Bob McIntyre’s average for the five laps is 99.66 m.p.h., and if all goes well he will raise it to over the 100 by the end of his sixth lap. On the other hand he must know that he has a comfortable lead, so may well take things a little more gently. I can’t see him letting John overtake him, though – and John is going pretty well!
G.A. Northwood has retired at Barregarroo, and J.R. Banks and R. Ferguson at the pits – all riders O.K. Geoff Tanner, sixth on the Leader Board at the fourth lap, has “overshot the Bungalow” but has carried on. R.B. Rensen is pushing in from Governors. Bill Beevers has retired at Creg-ny -Baa.

So Geoff Tanner has dropped off the Leader Board – that Bungalow business no doubt – and Keith Campbell has come into fifth place in front of his teammate, Dickie Dale.

1.29 p.m. (approx.) – Here’s Bob McIntyre to complete his sixth lap, John Surtees however, has dropped back, and is now some 24 seconds behind Bob on the roads – nearly 2¾ mins. on time.

At 1.34 p.m. eight riders are away on their seventh laps, ranging from No.1, Jack Brett, to No. 78, Bob McIntyre.
Eric Hinton has come off at Ballacraine and has retired – o.k. Dennis Christian is reported from round the course as “trickling along,” and J.G. Hempleman coasts into his pit with a dead engine.
What’s happened to Jack Brett? His needle has stuck at Kirk Michael far too long, and Dickie Dale, who was several minutes behind him on the roads, reaches Ramsey first.
News of Jack Brett. He came off at Sulby and walked into a cottage; he has retired with abrasions to his back. Bad luck, indeed.
Now Dickie Dale (No.18) is away on his last lap – and next to finish the seventh lap is – Bob McIntyre, No.78. Keith Campbell (No. 31) is third on the roads.
H. Grant has retired at Quarter Bridge, R.G. Thomson at Appledene and D.G. Chapman at the pits, all riders o.k. McCutcheon has retired with engine trouble at the Guthrie Memorial. Bob McIntyre’s time for seven laps is 2 hours 39 mins 12.8 sec., and his average speed 99.54 m.p.h. The best speed for any seven lap senior in the past was Geoff Duke’s 1955 time of 2 hours 41 mins. 49.8 secs., at a speed of 97.93 m.p.h.
Here’s bad luck for Keith Campbell – he has come off at Ramsey, but has remounted and proceeded. His stop, however, will almost certainly drop him back a couple of places if not more.

2.13 p.m. – Here’s Dickie Dale at Signpost – and here he is first man to finish the 1957 8 -lap Golden Jubilee T.T.
Now comes news that John Surtees has closed up on Bob McIntyre and the pair of them are together at Creg-ny-Baa, Hillberry and Signpost.

And here they come. John Surtees arrives first, 13 secs. in front of Bob which means that Bob has won by over two minutes. He has done “the ton” for the lap, but not for the race.

Here’s something to look forward to for next year!


1McIntyre, Bob3:02:57.0098.99Gilera
2Surtees, John3:05:04.2097.86MV
3Brown, Bob3:09:02.0095.81Gilera
4Dale, Dickie3:10:52.4094.89Guzzi
5Campbell, Keith3:14:10.2093.27Guzzi
6Trow, Alan3:15:17.0092.74Norton
7King, Alastair3:16:16.0092.27Norton
8Murphy, George A.3:16:47.6092.02Matchless
10Barker, Roger3:19:29.0090.79Norton
11Codd, Bernard3:20:42.0090.24Norton
12Fox, Frank M.3:20:59.0090.11Norton
13Bryen, Keith3:21:14.0089.99Matchless
14Davey, Peter3:22:15.6089.53Norton
15Catlin, George3:22:24.8089.47Norton
16Minter, Derek2:32:02.8089.19Norton
17Costain, George3:24:45.2088.45Norton
18Tostevin, Ken3:25:50.0088.16Norton
19Denton, Ben3:25:33.4088.11Norton
20Anderson, John3:26:15.6087.8Norton
21Carr, Louis3:27:32.8087.26Matchless
22Setaro, Stan3:27:36.2087.24Norton
23Wheeler, Arthur3:28:20.4086.93Guzzi
24Fay, Ray3:28:54.4086.69Norton
25Tully, Kevan3:30:35.4086Norton
26Willis, Ken3:31:07.8085.77Norton
27Lowe, Harry3:31:22.6085.67BSA
28Tanner, Geoff3:31:38.8085.57Norton
29O'Rourke, Mike3:31:59.0085.43Norton
30Roberton, Bill3:34:15.0084.53Norton
31Capner, Roy3:34:47.0084.32Norton
32Barrett, Ernie3:35:43.6083.95Norton
33King, Robert3:38:25.0082.92Norton
34Jones, Albert3:39:01.2082.69AJS
35King, Basil3:40:59.4081.96Norton
36Ranson, Llewellyn3:41:00.6081.94Norton
37Rowbottom, Bob3:42:33.4081.38Norton
38Glazebrook, Joe3:51:42.6078.16AJS
RCameron, StanAJS
RZeller, WalterBMW
RAharonian, AntranegBSA
RGrant, HarryBSA
RHancock, WalterBSA
RMustard, AndrewBSA
RPennington, GrenvilleBSA
RSalt, CharlieBSA
RWallis, FredBSA
RChristian, DennisMatchless
RFerguson, BobMatchless
RNorris, FrankNorton
R=Powell, DerekMatchless
RThomson, DickMatchless
RBrett, JackNorton
RBrindley, JoeNorton
RChadwick, DaveNorton
RChapman, DonNorton
RCousins, RonaldNorton
RGate, UlfNorton
RHempleman, JohnNorton
RHinton, EricNorton
RLilley, RonNorton
RMcCutcheon, NoelNorton
RMorle, BernardNorton
RNorthwood, GeorgeNorton
RPlews, HarryNorton
RPurslow, BrianNorton
RRensen, RalphNorton
RSalt, GeorgeNorton
RSetchell, BrianNorton
RTickle, DonNorton
RWalker, DerekNorton
RWilliams, VictorNorton
RYeates, IanNorton
RBanks, JohnNorton
RClark, JohnGuzzi
RTait, PercyNorton
RMoule, Albert E.Norton
RWood, JackNorton
RBeevers, BillNorton


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