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1958 Lightweight TT

Course name: Clypse

Course length: 114 miles (10 laps)

Description: 1958 Lightweight TT
Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 6 June 1958 (p.4), below which is a full list of competitors:



And Lap Figures Go Three Times

New Record Equalled on Last Lap

Grandstand, Wednesday.

AFTER a terrific duel with his M.V. team mate, Tarquinio Provino today won the Lightweight 250 c.c. T.T. Race at record speed, and three times in the race put up new lap records, beating his own made on a Mondial last year. His third effort, made in the ninth lap, put the record up to 8 minutes 6.2 seconds, a speed of 79.9 m.p.h.
Carlo Ubbiali put up a great fight to regain the lead he lost early in the race, but nothing could live with Provini's succession of lap records. He actually equalled his new record for the lap on his last circuit.

Early morning mist and heavy clouds moved away and the sun shone when the 250 c.c. riders came to the line. In a terrifying burst of sound they got away in a massed start with D. Falk (Adler) in the lead, but by the time they reached Parkfield Corner, T. Provini (M.V.) had streaked through the pack. At Creg-ny-Baa, Carlo Ubbiali (M.V.) was leading and closely behind was Provini, then Falk, followed by Tommy Robb (N.S.U.) and Bob Brown (N.S.U.).

The commentator at this point, David Lay, described the riding as phenomenal and he said that Provini was a mere machine's length behind team-mate Ubbiali.

Even on this lap there were changes in the leaders and Bob Brown moved up to third place by the halfway mark, and young Mike Hailwood, with number plate 18, the same as his age, came into fourth position. At Hillberry M. P. O'Rourke stopped to make adjustments to his G.M.S.

At the end of the first lap, Ubbiali streaked through with three lengths advantage on Provini, and then fighting hard with nothing between them were Bob Brown from Australia and Mike Hailwood.

D. V. Chadwick, who was second in the Junior on Monday, retired between Brandish Corner and Creg-ny-Baa, and A. S. Pavey retired at the pits with carburettor trouble. Derek Minter was stopped at the Manx Arms with engine trouble.

A. K. Howth came off at Ballacoar, his machine having skidded on a wet patch.

The battle between Provini and Ubbiali was a thrilling one, and at Hall's Corner, Provini passed Ubbiali, but going through the Grandstand Ubbiali was in the lead and he kept this at Creg-ny-Baa on the third lap, while behind them, but some distance away, Bob Brown and Mike Hailwood were keeping tight company, and Belfast rider Sammy Miller had jumped to fifth position.


The struggle for supremacy between the two Italian riders was giving the crowd round the Clypse Circuit all the thrills they wanted. On the third lap Provini was leading Ubbiali and through the snaky section to Hall's Corner their positions had reversed, but on the fourth lap Provini led, but only by a narrow margin. It was a case of both riders having a grand time of you-pass-me, I'll pass-you.


Sammy Miller, the very fine rider who won the North-West "200" lightweight class, skidded at Ballacoar and came off. He picked himself up and with a wry grin jumped on the machine and went on his way. By this time, Provini had drawn away from his compatriot, Ubbiali, and on the sixth lap he had increased his lead by 150 yards at Creg-ny- Baa. Close behind Ubbiali, Bob Brown and Mike Hailwood were dead-heating in their amazing high-speed duel.


Bang goes the record! On his fifth lap Tarquinio Provini broke the lap record by lapping in 8 mins. 13.6 secs., at a speed of 78.66 m.p.h. Roy Capner, the Manx rider, retired at the pits.

Provini was riding a brilliant race and by the seventh lap the gap between himself and Ubbiali had increased to 250 yards.


The crowds, knowing that Provini was well in front, concentrated on the chase between Bob Brown and Mike Hailwood, who were after Ubbiali's "blood.”

Ubbiali was 13 seconds behind the leader and the two Britishers were giving nothing away in their ding-dong struggle, with Brown leading the Oxford boy by mere seconds. Miller, who had lost valuable time at Ballacoar, had dropped down the field, but his riding indicated his determination to get back among the leaders.


Hailwood decided to give up the chase with Bob Brown and pulled away to leave the Australian taxi-driver behind. He was riding a wonderful race and by the eighth lap was about 15 seconds ahead of Brown.

In the meantime, Provini was out on his own and giving his M.V. the full power-stroke, but Ubbiali, a wily and experienced rider, with three lightweight T.T. wins to his credit, was not letting his partner get away with a clear win. As they sped through to start the ninth lap the distance between them had shortened to a matter of 15 yards. By the end of the eighth lap the leader board showed Provini, Ubbiali, Hailwood, Brown, Falk and Eric Hinton in the first six places, which showed a good Commonwealth representation.

Provini has done it again! On his eighth lap he circuited the course in 8 mins. 12.2 secs., a speed of 78.92 m.p.h., some six seconds faster than last year's speediest lap which he put up on a Mondial.

At Creg-ny-Baa, David Lay said that Provini's cornering was immaculate, but his voice rose in excitement when he told the tensed crowds that Ubbiali was only six seconds behind the leader. In these final stages, the race was packed with interest, unlike Monday's one-man race.

The distance between leader and second man at Ballacarooin was 150 yards.


Hat-trick for Provini! On his ninth lap he smashed the record again, with a time of 8 mins. 6.2 secs., a speed of 79.90 m.p.h.

Ubbiali was chasing really hard, though at Governor's there was 300 yards between them.

The crowd on the Grandstand heard the roar of the leader and flashing along Glencrutchery Road Provini sped past the chequered flag about 150 yards ahead of the second M.V. rider, having ridden a brilliant race, which gave the crowd their money's worth.


1Provini, Tarquinio1:24:12.0076.89MV
2Ubbiali, Carlo1:24:20.2076.77MV
3Hailwood, Mike1:27:07.8074.3NSU
4Brown, Bob1:27:48.8073.72NSU
5Falk, Dieter1:27:50.4073.7Adler
6Miller, Sammy1:29:08.0072.63CZ
7Hinton, Eric1:29:15.2072.54NSU
8Robb, Tommy1:29:50.6072.05NSU
9Purslow, Fron1:30:28.0071.56NSU
10Andrews, David69.17NSU
11O'Rourke, Mike68.57GMS
12Henderson, Glen67.52NSU
13James, Ken66.88Excelsior
14Jones, A.66.83Guzzi
15Turner, Gerry64.6BSA
16Cope, Frank64.17Norton
17Evans, Lawrence Edward59.43Ducati
18Porter, Ross52.84Guzzi
RWheeler, ArthurMondial
RCapner, RoyMV
RChadwick, DaveMV
RHowth, AminarNSU
RPavey, AllenNSU
RPeden, BillNSU
RMinter, DerekREG


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