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1958 Junior Snaefell MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 150.92 miles (4 laps)

Description: 1958 Junior Snaefell MGP

Race report from the IOM Weekly Times Sept 12 1958 (p.2), below which is a full list of competitors:

Junior Class Won on Borrowed Machine
Richardson Wins Senior by Few Seconds

G. Bell, a 30-year-old plumber from Aberdeen, now living in Ravenglass. Cumberland, ridins a Norton, won Monday's Junior class in the M.G.P. Snaefell race over four laps of the T.T. Course, averaging a speed of 84.15 m.p.h. —good enouh to make him fourth fastest of the day behind the three Senior leaders. He won on a machine borrowed from a garage owner.
The race was marred by a fatal accident to John Hutchinson, a 31 year old press tool maker of Mossley Hill, Liverpool, who crashed at the 32nd milestone on his third lap. Hutchinson had completed two laps in I hr. 6 mins. 2.2 secs. He was married with no children.

First retirement was by D. B. Russell (Norton), who "packed up" at the Gooseneck on the first lap, with engine trouble. He was quickly followed by local rider Terry Gribbin, whose B.S.A. was seizing coming down Creg-ny-Baa, and he stopped at the pits. At the end of the first lap, the "flying plumber" Bell had established a lead of 48 seconds over his nearest rival. He lapped in 27 mins. 7 secs. (83.50 m.p.h.), with Keith Bannister (Norton) next best at 81.11 m.p.h.

Retirement in the second lap was George Bell (Norton), not to be confused with the leader of the race, Gordon Bell. He stopped at the pits with mechanical trouble. A. F. Laing (B.S.A.) also stopped at the pits, replaced a foot-rest which he had lost and proceeded. In the second lap, Bell increased his speed slightly with a lap at 26 mins. 43.8 secs. He had a lead of over two minutes and looked as if he would run away from the field. In the stands, the spectators were saying: "Is this another Geoff Duke?"

Bannister retired in the third lap with engine trouble and other retirements were J. Farrar (Norton) at the Graham Memorial with a seized engine, and E. A. Johnson (B.S.A .) at Crosby with engine trouble. Gordon Bell was still going great guns increasing his lead all the time. At the end of the third lap he was 2 mins. 40 secs. ahead of second man , Payne. His third lap was in 26 mins. 46.6 seconds, a speed of 84.55 m.p.h.

No one could hold Bell in this race and with a trouble-free run on the last lap, he was a sure winner. The story was different for the next four riders, who were divided by only 31 secs, and were battling for position. Payne's third lap was in 27 mins. 24.2 secs, and Read's at 27 mins. 17 seconds.
Bell sped on to a runaway victory in the last lap. He increased his lead still further with a lap in 27 mins. 4.2 secs—that is 83.64 m.p.h. and finished with a clear margin of nearly three mins.


1Bell, Gordon1:47:41.0084.15Norton
2Payne, Ginger1:50:35.0081.89Norton
3Read, Phil1:51:09.0081.47Norton
4Adam, John1:51:44.0081.04Norton
5Bramhall, N.1:51:50.0080.97AJS
6Wallace, Ian1:52:06.0080.79Norton
7Pitt, K.E.1:52:39.0080.38Norton
8Penson, G.K.1:53:02.0080.11Velocette
9Culshaw, Roy1:53:57.0079.46BSA
10Barfoot, Ken1:54:11.0079.31Norton
11Briggs, Gordon1:55:06.0078.81BSA
12Evans, Gary1:55:06.0078.68BSA
13Hislop, Sandy1:55:19.0078.52BSA
14Smith, Dave W.1:55:40.0078.3AJS
15Eccles, Geoff1:56:02.0078.05BSA
16Sugden, T.1:56:23.0077.83Norton
17Urquhart, Lindsay1:56:28.0077.79AJS
18Payne, Ken1:56:49.0077.57AJS
19Duncan, David1:57:22.0077.19BSA
20Warburton, Brian1:57:28.0077.13Norton
21Minto, Roy1:57:46.0076.91Norton
22MacDonnell, M.1:57:46.0076.9BSA
23Wood, Jack1:57:49.0076.88BSA
24Saward, Gerry1:57:54.0076.81Norton
25Fox, Ralph1:57:55.0076.8AJS
26Fisher, Fred1:58:15.0076.58Norton
27Brown, T.1:58:26.0076.46Norton
28Reilly, V.1:58:47.0076.24AJS
29Higginson, A.1:58:57.0076.13BSA
30Tyack, Pete1:59:58.0075.49AJS
31Shorey, Dan2:00:10.0075.35Norton
32Smits, J.C.74.92AJS
33Atkin, Maurice74.88BSA
34Holley, W.F.J.0BSA
35Barnes, E.W.2:01:18.0074.66AJS
36Waite, Donald2:01:31.0074.52BSA
37Sweetman, Norman2:01:31.0074.52BSA
38Gardner, A.K.2:01:42.0074.41BSA
39Beckett, David James2:02:38.0073.85BSA
40Fryer, J.2:02:41.0073.81BSA
41Malam, A.D.2:02:43.0073.8BSA
42Polak, Robert2:03:41.0073.22Norton
43Tweddle, J.G.2:04:13.0072.91Norton
44Clarke, A.E.2:04:22.0072.82AJS
45Wilson, J.2:05:13.0072.31AJS
46Pilling, Derek2:05:27.0072.18AJS
47Buffham, J.W.2:06:34.0071.55BSA
48Ray, D.2:06:55.0071.35Norton
49Robertson, Norman2:07:06.0071.24BSA
50Carter, E.2:08:17.0070.59BSA
51Allen, B.P.2:09:20.0070.02Norton
52Sutherland, George2:09:43.0069.81Norton
53Rowles, R.J.E.2:09:55.0069.7Velocette
54Laing, A.F.2:11:16.0068.99BSA
55Muir, Terry2:13:23.0067.9AJS
56Smith, R.2:13:25.0067.87BSA
57Peatman, William2:15:06.0067.03Norton
58Waller, J.2:16:24.0066.39AJS
59Ascott, R.M.2:16:50.0066.18Douglas
60Chambers, R.2:18:53.0065.2AJS
61Oldfield, G.E.2:23:03.0063.31BSA
62Almond, W.J.2:25:04.0062.43BSA
RBannister, K.W.0Norton
RBell, G.D.0Norton
RFarrar, John0Norton-Velocette
RGribbin, Terry0BSA
RJohnson, E.A.0BSA
RMilne, Bill0BSA
RRussell, Derek0Norton
RWalker, TomBSA
RWalton, Fred0BSA
RWright, J.R.Norton
RHutchinson, JohnBSA


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