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1958 Senior Snaefell MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 150.92 miles (4 laps)

Description: 1958 Senior Snaefell MGP

Race report from the IOM Weekly Times Sept 12 1958 (p.2), below which is a full list of competitors:

Thrilling Finish to Senior Event

P. E. Richardson, a 25-year-old laboratory assistant from .Northwich, Cheshire, riding a Norton, won Monday's Senior class in the M.G.P. Snaefell—" newcomers' " —race at an average speed of 85.06 m.p.h. He came through to win in the last lap by only 8.2 seconds. Two of the 25 riders in the Senior lost valuable seconds at the start due to their engines not firing immediately. A second push saw them both roaring down Bray Hill. They were R. P. Holman (B.S.A.) and A. A. Stride (Norton). The other 23 got away without a hitch.

Leading on the road at the end of the first lap was G.C. Young (Norton), and close on his tail was B. Betts (Norton). Two riders retired. H. Irlam (Norton ) at the pits, at the end of his first lap, and P. Tomlinson (Triumph) at Glen Vine, on his second lap. On the leader board at the end of the first lap. two B.S.A.'s were battling it out, with only five seconds separating them. D. Williams was in the lead, followed by P. Overton, and J. E. Griffiths.

The battle between the B.S.A.'s continued in the second lap with Overton relegating Williams to second place. Richardson had moved up into third place, supplanting Griffiths. R. C. Elliot (Triumph) retired at the pits with oil trouble. Overton's second lap was 26.52 against 26 59.2 by Williams, so his lead was only 2.6 seconds after two laps. Richardson's second lap was covered in 26 24.4 so that he was moving faster than his rivals after a slower start. Only ten seconds separated the three of the leading group after 75 1/2 miles.

At the end of the third lap Williams had recaptured the lead with Overton dropping back to fourth place. Richardson moved into second place and Griffiths into third. Holder disappeared off the leader board being replaced by B. Betts who moved into sixth place. On his third lap, Williams went round in 25-6.6 while Richardson clocked 26-16.2 which although his best could not match the improvement of Williams- first to get round under the 26 minutes in this class.

Riding a beautifully-timed race Richardson made his way steadily from fourth to first Place to win after an exciting duel with the BSA ridden by D. Williams, by 8.2 seconds. Richardson put in a final circuit in 26 mins. 19.8 secs. against the 26-55 of Williams.


1Richardson, Philip1:46:28.0085.06Norton
2Williams, David1:46:36.0084.95Norton
3Griffiths, J.F.1:47:37.0084.21Norton
4Overton, P.1:48:20.0083.65BSA
5Betts, Brian1:51:04.0081.52Norton
6Young, G.C.1:51:15.0081.4Norton
7Broome, Victor F.1:52:00.0080.86BSA
8Hobson, Mac1:57:13.0077.3BSA
9Boarer, E.T.1:57:41.0076.97Norton
10Ward, M.E.1:58:10.0076.64Norton
11Easton, D.W.1:59:48.0075.59BSA
12Copland, Alistair2:00:53.0074.91BSA
13Jenkins, Griff2:01:24.0074.6Norton
14Dunne, John2:05:03.0072.42Norton
15Stride, A.A.2:07:34.0070.99Norton
16Holman, R.P.2:17:50.0065.7BSA
17Croucher, V.F.G.2:24:33.0062.65BSA
18Smith, G.W.2:38:21.0057.19BSA
19Friend, W.2:45:38.0054.68DW Special
RElliott, R.C.0Triumph
RHolder, John0Norton
RIrlam, Harry0Norton
RLindley, Barry0BSA
RStracey, J.F.0Norton
RTomlinson, Peter0Triumph


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