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1959 Sidecar TT

Course name: Clypse

Course length: 114 miles (10 laps)

Description: 1959 Sidecar TT

Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 5 June 1959 (pp. 5, 2), blow which is a complete list of competitors:

Schneider Wins His Third Sidecar T.T.

German Never Challenged After "Pip " Harris Goes Out

His 1958 Lap and Race Record Still Stand

WILLI SCHNEIDER, the German sidecar specialist, on his B.M.W. repeated last year's win by finishing first in Wednesday's Sidecar T.T., his third victory in this event, which he also won in 1955.

After a great duel with British rider "Pip" Harris, also on a B.M.W., Schneider was never challenged following Harris's retirement late in the race, but the lap record and race record made in 1958 still stand— and to the credit of Wednesday's winner, the lap record at 74.07 m.p.h. and the race record at 73.01 m.p.h., against Wednesday’s 72.69 m.p.h.
Out of an original field of 33. there were four non-starters, D H. Saywood (Norton) injured in practice, O. Kolle (B.M.W.) and A. Ritter (B.M.W.)., non-arrivals, with a reserve driver. E. Pickup (Norton).
There were two manufacturers' teams — B.M.W. (Schneider, Camathias and Scheidegger) and Watsonian (Jack Beeton, "Pip"' Harris and Cyril Smith). Three club teams — D.M.V., Eastern Sporting Sidecar Association, and Louth and District — were entered.

At the massed start, "Pip " Harris (B.M.W.) was a few feet ahead of Camathias, and with Scheidegger. Fath (B.M.W.) and Cyril Smith challenging with his Norton against the five leading German B.M.W.'s.
At Willaston, at Hillberry and at the Creg, Harris led from Camathias. Schneider and Scheidegger. But Smith had beaten Fath to fifth place and Harris was streaking away from Camathias after the Creg — giving him a lead of 100 yards.
By Hall's Corner, last year's winner, W. Schneider, had jumped into second place, and it was obvious that there was going to be a tremendous fight for the trophy.
At the end of the first lap, Harris led Schneider by three seconds. A long pause, then came Camathias and Scheidegger, and later Cyril Smith on the leading Norton and Fath (B.M.W.)

Schneider took the lead at Creg-ny-Baa, putting 50 yards between himself and Harris, who was being slowly overhauled by the Swiss, Camathias. This order remained unchanged, but the end of the second lap showed Schneider and Harris well ahead of Camathias, who had thrown off Scheidegger's challenge.
At Parkfield, L. Wells (Norton) retired with engine trouble. J. Horan (E.T.Y. Norton) stopped at Signpost and retired, and A. Young (B.M.W.) toured into the pits and was out of the race.
Hall's Corner reported that there was a mere 100 yards separating the first four men, but the gap had widened by the time the leaders came through to their fourth lap. Schneider was well ahead of Harris, then came Camathias and Scheidegger. with Cyril Smith, for Britain, some way behind.
Bill Beevers (B.M.W.) and Jack Beeton (Norton) came into their pits.
Veteran Beevers had a cut on his nose, below the eye, and though someone wiped the blood away, he thought it best to retire.
But Beeton, after making adjustments, got away as No. 11. F. Hanks (Norton), retired with clutch trouble.

On the fifth lap, "Pip " Harris made up his arrears and tailed Schneider by a mere six seconds.
David Lay, commentator at Ballacarrooin, estimated that Harris had taken 300 yards out of the German on the previous lap.

But as they started the sixth lap, Schneider had reached Parkfield by the time Harris was leaving Governor's Bridge. From Edge's Corner came the news that H. Scholes (Matchless) had retired. He and his passenger, B. Daniells, were uninjured. M. J. Candy (Norton) packed up at Parkfield, the driver and passenger — C. E. Larkin — walking back to the stand.

On his seventh lap, Harris challenged Schneider on the climb from Hillberry. Speeds were going up steadily, but still no records as we had had in the lightweight races.
S. Nightingale (Norton). T. P. Folwell (Norton) and E. Walker (W.R.B. Triumph) all pulled into the pits to effect adjustments.
The superb driving of Harris and Schneider was reported from all points. What a duel!

Then hard luck for Cyril Smith. On the only British machine amongst the German giants on the leader board, his signal light stuck at Signpost and the news came through that he had packed up at Governor's Bridge.
in the pits was Rem Fowler, winner of the first T.T. Race in 1907.

On the eighth lap came the sensation that "Pip" Harris had gone past Hall's Corner very slowly. It looked as if mechanical trouble had put him out of the running. Smith's retirement brought Strub (B.M.W.) on to the leader board in sixth place. The seventh to 12th men were Greenwood (Triumph), Neussner (B.M.W), Freeman (Norton), Cheney (Norton), Green (Norton) and Vincent (Norton).

Then came the news that Harris had retired at the Whitebridge with engine trouble.
Schneider started on his final lap with no one to challenge his repeat of last year's victory. It seemed all over bar the shouting!
With Camathias second, Scheidegger, Fath and Strub had moved up to third, fourth and fifth places respectively, and Greenwood, on his Triumph, had taken over the sixth place on the leader board.
Schneider, the man in control, was leaving nothing to chance, and he continued to thrill spectators with his brilliant cornering.
He went on to win a well-judged race in 1 hr. 29 mins. 3.8 secs., a speed of 72.69 m.p.h.

The B.M.W. team won the manufacturers' award, while the club team prize went to D.M.V


1Schneider, Walter & Strauss, Hans1:29:03.8072.69BMW
2Camathias, Florian & Cecco, Hilmar1:31:06.8071.05BMW
3Scheidegger, Fritz & Burkhardt, Horst1:33:16.2069.42BMW
4Fath, Helmut & Wohlgemuth, Alfred1:33:51.0068.98BMW
5Strub, Edgar & Woollett, Mick1:36:12.2067.31BMW
6Greenwood, Owen & Fairbrother, Terry1:37:15.8066.56Triumph
7Neussner, Loni & Blauth, Edwin1:37:15.8066.56BMW
8Freeman, Charlie & Nelson, Billie1:38:34.4065.67Norton
9Cheney, Reg & Gibbins, J.63.88Norton
10Yorke, Derek & Merrick, Mason63.23Norton
11Green, Brian & Eden, R.62.83Norton
12Folwell, Terry & Knocker, P.M.62.24Norton
13Millard, Pat & Tressland, A.61.72Norton
14Brindley, Derek & Waugh, Jack61.7BSA
15Beeton, Jackie & Bulgin, Eddie61.68Norton
16de Orfe, Gerald & Fynn, D.E.61.68Norton
17Nightingale, Stan & Sheldon, E.61.54Norton
18Walker, Ernie & Bollington, James60.55Triumph
19Vincent, Eric & Harding, R.W.59.09Norton
20Horan, J. & Bowden, J.A.56.57Norton
21Muhlemann, Fritz & Spinnler, W.56.55BSA
RBeevers, Bill & Chisnall, JohnNorton
RCandy, Maurice & Larkin, C.E.Norton
RScholes, Harry & Corris, P.J.Matchless
RHarris, Pip & Campbell, RayBMW
RHanks, Fred & Tanner, J.W.Norton
RSmith, Cyril & Bliss, EricNorton
RWells, Les & Winter, H.G.Norton
RYoung, Alan & Cairncross, R.Q.BMW
RBeauvais, Marcel & Coudert, Andre


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