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1969 Production 750 TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 113.19 miles (3 laps)


1Uphill, Malcolm1:07:55.4099.99Triumph
2Smart, Paul1:08:21.2099.37Norton
3Pendlebury, Darryl1:10:16.2096.66Triumph
4Andrew, Mick1:11:21.8095.18Norton
5Jolly, Steve1:12:53.0093.19Triumph
6Jefferies, Tony1:12:56.2093.13Triumph
7Carney, Martin1:13:02.0093Triumph
8Mahoney, Pat1:13:30.8092.39BSA
9Butler, Peter1:14:34.0091.09Triumph
10Phelps, Len1:14:50.0090.76Triumph
11Wittich, Ron1:15:16.0090.24Norton
12Borland, Gerry1:15:46.6089.64BSA
RHeath, BobBSA
RSpencer, SteveBSA
RBailey, GrahamNorton
RDickie, TomNorton
RNelson, BillieNorton
RBarnacle, GeorgeTriumph
RBowring, RogerTriumph
RButcher, RexTriumph
RGould, RodTriumph
RSharp, GrahamTriumph
RWeil, LanceTriumph
RSmith, TonyBSA


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