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1992 Senior TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)

Description: In 1992 Carl Fogarty made his last competitive TT appearance riding for the Loctite Yamaha team. His main rival that year would be Steve Hislop, riding a Norton, in plain white livery because there had been no time for the British firm to organise sponsorship.

Fogarty and Hislop were former team mates at Honda and the stage was set for an epic battle between the two. It culminated in the Senior race on the Friday, an encounter which has been voted by fans as the ‘greatest TT race ever’. Fogarty in his own words, “rode the wheels off the bike.” The lead changed on every lap as the two diced for supremacy. As Fogarty made his final charge over the mountain the exhaust blew, so hard was he riding.

Hislop went on to take victory and Fogarty finished second, but set a lap record which stood for seven years.


1Hislop, Steve1:51:59.60121.28Norton
2Fogarty, Carl1:52:04.00121.2Yamaha
3Dunlop, Robert1:54:02.60119.1Norton
4Jefferies, Nick1:54:33.20118.57Honda
5Farmer, Mark1:54:47.60118.32Yamaha
6Holden, Robert1:57:03.60116.03Yamaha
7Duffus, Iain1:58:05.60115.01Yamaha
8Gable, Colin1:58:24.20114.71Honda
9Young, Derek1:59:48.20113.37Honda
10Rea, Johnny1:59:53.40113.29Honda
11Radcliffe, Gary2:00:08.80113.05Honda
12Barton, John2:00:20.80112.86Honda
13Knight, Tom2:00:27.80112.75Honda
14Goodley, David2:00:55.00112.33Honda
15Lougher, Ian2:01:51.00111.47ITL
16McDonald, Allan2:01:59.80111.33Honda
17Madsen-Mygdal, Dave2:02:05.60111.24Honda
18Noblett, Mick2:02:23.20110.98Honda
19Sutcliffe, Ralph2:05:53.40107.89Kawasaki
20Granie, Marc2:06:04.40107.73Yamaha
21Williams, Steve2:06:27.00107.41Yamaha
22Crellin, John2:07:07.80106.84Honda
23Wright, Kirk2:07:15.80106.72Honda
24Hunt, Paul2:07:46.60104.3Yamaha
25Price, Robert A.2:11:22.80103.38Kawasaki
26Grein, Martin2:14:51.40100.72Suzuki
RCastle, DavidDucati
RHodson, JimDucati
RNation, TrevorDucati
RBeck, SimonHonda
RMorris, DaveHonda
RFinch, FrankKawasaki
RHarris, ShaunSuzuki
RBuckley, KeithYamaha
RLinsdell, SteveYamaha
ROrritt, PaulYamaha
RPetty, ChrisYamaha
RWard, SteveHonda
RJackson, BobHonda
RDunlop, JoeyHonda
RMcCallen, PhillipHonda
RGriffiths, JasonHonda


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