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Keeill Tushtag Quernstone

Date made: Early Christian: 500-800

Description: This stone is part of a quern, used for grinding grain. It was found at Keeill Tushtag, Andreas and is made from sandstone that is found on the Isle of Man.

Grain was put in between two stones such as this and the stones were rubbed or turned round by hand to crush the grains.

Technology such as this for producing flour has been in existence for thousands of years. The earliest quernstones were simple in shape, gradually changing over the centuries to become round. Until the mass mechanisation of farming, each home would have had their own quernstone to grind their grain to flour to make their bread.

Measurements: whole: x 13 x 35 cm

Materials: stone: sandstone

Object name: quernstone

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 1968-0170


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