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Glenfaba Hoard Sihtric Coin

Date made: deposited c.AD 1035

Description: Hiberno-Scandinavian Phase II reduced weight imitation of Long Cross pennies of Aethelred II minted in Dublin. A small cross or other symbol usually appears behind the neck and a small pellet (or sometimes another symbol) is in each quarter of the reverse. The lines of drapery tend to be in parallel loops, whereas those on Phase I coins converge on the brooch under the chin. Coin struck with a wedge cross behind head. Same dies as 2004-0123/141, 2004-0123/144-5, 2004-0123/167. +SIHTRCRE+DYFLO +GO/DRIC/NMO/DYFLI
Small wedge cross at front of toga. Cross inside 'O' in obverse legend.
Very slightly bent, cracked at neck.

Measurements: c.20mm diameter; 1.30g weight; die-axis 40

Materials: silver

Date found: 25 March 2003

Object name: coin

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 2004-0123/146


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