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St Patrick's Isle Pagan Lady Burial Knife Blade

Date made: Viking: 800-1265

Description: This knife blade is complete, but very corroded. The top of the blade is straight from the hilt before it angles down towards the tip. X-rays suggest it was made in three sections - a soft iron back, pattern-welded core and a steel cutting edge. Fragments of silver and iron wire (1984-0016/40) probably associated with this knife.

Found on the floor of the grave in the central pelvic region, the knife may originally have been suspended from the waist.

This type of knife is more common in England than Scandinavia.

Measurements: c.125mm

Materials: silver, steel, wood

Date found: 1984

Object name: knife

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 1984-0016/21b


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