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Polished agate glacial erratics

Description: Eleven polished pebbles from White Strand? 1,2,5,7,8 and 9 cut in two, both parts polished 1) A and B Jasper 4 3/8 inch.
3) Red and yellow silica with late-stage colourless calcite.
4) Partly polished red and yellow siliceous rock with curved lines in the surface patina.
5A) and 5B) Polished sections in irregular, compact cobble of pink silica-cemented breccia. These clasts are small-medium cobble sized.
6) Cobble with a polished face shows breccia overgrown by red,yellow green and grey colour stripes within which are coarse white blebs. The breccia outside the colour bands is yellow, coarse, sandy with siliceous clasts.
7)a Yellow-brown with a polished face showing sutured, intergrown contacts between subangular patches of fine yellow siliceous material (up to 6-7mm across). 7b) Brown beach cobble with a polished face; coarse sand with subangular grains. 10-20% feldspar in otherwise siliceous sand. 8a) Siliceous-cemented coarse-medium grained sandstone with some calcareous patches; a red-brown cobble. 8b) Pink quartz and feldspar granite with smaller amounts of dark greenish-grey mineral in irregular laths.
10) Polished elongated cobble with concentric red/white lamination; siliceous.
11) 3cm rounded cobble of yellow-grey silica-cemented breccia with grey coated or concentric clasts in yellow fine matrix.

Taxonomic name: glacial erratic: agate

Collection: Natural History Geology Collection

ID number: 1954-3693/1


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