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Model of Port St Mary built Nickie CT. 75 the 'Ellan Vannin'

Date made: mid 20th century

Description: Model of Port St Mary built Nickie CT. 75 the 'Ellan Vannin', made by donor. Original vessel built in Thos Gales Yard near Watch-house, about 1875. Scale about 3/8 inch to foot. Rigged model complete with sails. Note: donor's father was a Port St Mary ship's carpenter, Thomas Hudson. He made the Cello 1954-3372, used by Tom Taggart, (now in Museum) about 1841.

A write up about this object appears in the Journal of the Manx Museum, March 1939. The model was made around then, and the donor/maker was a carpenter with the IOM Steam Packet Company, living at Nursery Avenue, Onchan. He had served his apprenticeship as a boat carpenter with Thomas Carine, one of the owners of the original 'Ellan Vannin' fishing vessel. The report also includes extracts from the customs record for the vessel, indicating that she was built in 1877, and sold off island in 1908. Her last master was Evan Jones.

The Manx Nickies were a version of the Cornish herring drifters. They replaced the earlier Manx Luggers because of their increased size and speed, which made sailing to Ireland for the mackerel easier. The Nickies towed a punt or small boat so that the crew could row ashore when they were in a large harbour. The fishing boats were popular from the 1860s to 1890s, but were later replaced by the smaller Manx Nobbies. These vessels were easier to sail with fewer or an older crew, and remained the most common Manx fishing boat until the Second World War.

Object name: model boat

Collection: Social History Collection

ID Number: 1954-4819


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