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Ballaquayle Hoard

Date made: Viking: 800-1265; AD 957-75; deposited c.970

Description: As many as one thousand coins, along with complete and fragmentary pieces of jewellery were discovered in a stone-lined pit whilst digging foundations for a new house, now No.66 Derby Road, Douglas. Only just over 200 of the coins are known to have survived, the others being too corroded to survive, or not recognised as important and taken to a rubbish tip! Also known as the Douglas or Woodbourne Treasure Hoard.

Reports in local newspapers eg;

The collection of jewellery in the Manx National Collections is a mixture of original and reproductions. The original of those latter objects are in the collections of the British Museum.

Inscription and technical numismatic information is given for each coin.

Materials: copper alloy

Date found: 12 June 1894

Object name: coin; armet; ring; ingot

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: Ballaquayle Hoard


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