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Ray Amm

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Junior - Norton
Lightweight - Guzzi
Senior - Norton

Age 24, Ray Amm a motor-cycle trader from Salisbury , Southern Rhodesia has been racing since he was 17. His first real road was the 1949 Port Elizabeth “200” in which he set a lap record of 91 odd m.p.h. before suffering clutch trouble. In the same event the next year he put the record up to 93.86 m.p.h. and won the 500 race. He repeated his success in 1951.

Riding Manx Norton’s, Ray finished ninth in last year’s Junior T.T. at 85.19 m.p.h. to win a silver replica, and 28th in the Senior, in which he qualified for a second class replica after a long stay in the pits. He was also one of the most successful private owners on the Continent last year.

This year he is riding 1952 Manx Norton’s in both the Junior and Senior races.
(TT Special, 9 June 1952, p.6.)

Junior – Norton
Lightweight - Excelsior
Senior - Norton

Age 23, a motorcycle dealer from Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, Ray Amm has been racing since he was 17 years of age. For the first three years he competed mainly on grass track and aerodrome circuits. His first road race proper was the 1949 Port Elizabeth “200” in which he had clutch trouble, but not before making a record lap at 91 odd mph. In the same race in 1950 he won the 500 class and put the lap record up to 95.86. He started the 1951 season well by again winning the 500 class of the same event, held on 1st January. All these successes were achieved on a 1948 “Manx” Norton.

He is the first official Rhodesian representative to come to the TT and in riding is fulfilling a life’s ambition. He is riding new “Manx” Nortons and one of Les Martin’s Excelsiors – a standard 1939 Manxman with iron head and barrel and coil valve springs.
(TT Special, 4 June 1951, p.8.)


Competed in

1954 Senior TT11:42:46.8088.12Norton
1954 Junior TTRNorton
1953 Senior TT12:48:51.8093.85Norton
1953 Junior TT12:55:05.0090.52Norton
1952 Senior TT32:51:31.2092.4Norton
1952 Junior TTRNorton
1951 Senior TT283:22:05.0078.42Norton
1951 Junior TT93:06:01.8085.19Norton


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