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Franta Bartos

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Lightweight – C.Z.
125 cc – C.Z.

Age 38, Frantisek Bartos is a motor mechanic and comes from Petrvald, Czechoslovakia. Like his compatriot Vaclav Parus, he is entered for this year’s races by the Ustredni Automotoklub of Prague.

His list of racing successes is most impressive; in 1951 he was second in the 250 c.c. class at Sachsenring, winning the same event a year later. He was winner at Halle in 1952 and second at Leipzig.

In 1954 he won the 125 c.c. class at Budapest, while at Zandfoort he was second in the 250 c.c. race and third in the 125 c.c. Last year he was 250 c.c. winner at Schotten, Germany and earlier this present season he won the 125 c.c. race at Salzburg, Austria.

His 125 c.c. machine is similar to Parus’s and the 250 c.c. has a five speed gearbox built in unit with the engine.
(TT Special, 4 June 1956, p.8.)

Nationality: Czech

Competed in

1957 Ultra Lightweight TT71:38:25.4065.78CZ
1957 Lightweight TT41:29:22.4072.45Jawa
1956 Ultra Lightweight TTRCZ
1956 Lightweight TT51:32:05.0063.28CZ


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