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G.H. Briggs

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mount: Junior – Norton

Age 31. A motor mechanic living in Leeds. Saw service in Palestine, North Africa, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany during the War. Hobby – walking (Cor! – Ed.)

Briggs started racing in 1938, using a 1931 Montgomery-J.A.P. at Donington. His first big race was the 1939 Junior T.T. when he rode a 1938 Manx Springer Norton and won a bronze replica. Returning from abroad in 1945 he sold all his racing equipment, but after watching last year’s M.G.P. races he “decided to have at least one more enjoyable ride.”

His Norton, privately entered, is the one which Harold Rowell rode into fourth place in last year’s Junior M.G.P.
(TT Special, 9 June 1947, p.10.)

Competed in

1947 Junior TT163:41:50.0071.44Norton
1939 Junior TT343:43:34.0070.89Norton


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