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George Brown

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Junior - A.J.S.
Senior - Norton

Age 40, Luton engineer, George Brown, 14th in last year’s Junior T.T., has had victories at short circuits throughout the country. He made the fastest time of the day at Shelsley Walsh and Prescott hill climbs last year, and also at several sprint meetings. He has recorded 136.65 m.p.h. for the flying kilo at Redcar Sands, and 93.5 m.p.h. for the standing start mile.

George made a record lap on a Vincent in the 1948 Clubman’s “1000” at 82.65 m.p.h., and was leading till the petrol tank ran dry. He pushed home to finish sixth. In the same event the following year he had more “petrol trouble” but finished fifth. In 1950 he qualified as one of the Vincent works riders for the Senior T.T. but did not start in the race.

He returns to the Island this year with the A.J.S. 7R he raced in the last Junior and with 499 double-knocker Norton “Featherbed” – both over-the-counter racers prepared by himself.

His hobbies – gardening, as opposed to digging, and trying to remember where the road goes to after Bray Hill! He also interested in the development a four-wheeler. He is his own entrant.
(TT Special, 9 June 1952, p.8.)

Junior - A.J.S.

Age 39, an engineer, of Luton, Beds., George Brown has had innumberable successes at short circuit meetings throughout the country; in fact, when George is present, his victory is almost a foregone conclusion!

He made record lap on a Vincent in the 1948 Clubman's '1,000' at 82.65 m.p.h., and was a leading the race until he ran out of petrol towards the end of the last lap, and pushed home into sixth place. In the 1949 Clubman's '1,000' he again had petrol trouble, this time due to too weak a mixture, and finished fifth. Last year he qualified as one of the Vincent Works riders in the Senior T.T., but did not start in the race.

This year he is riding Maurice Cann's A.J.S. in the Junior, Maurice being a non-starter due to an injury sustained on the first morning of practice.

Hobbies: Gardening and amateur football.
(TT Special, 4 June 1951, p.6.)

Age 37; engineer, of Luton, Beds.; has had many successes in short-circuit races throughout the country and holds the Clubman's T.T. lap record at 82.63 m.p.h. which he established last year on a Vincent H.R.D. Was leading last year's Clubman's Senior by over a minute and a half on the third lap but ran out of petrol at the 33rd Milestone and pushed in to finish sixth. Hobbies: Gardening and amateur football. Machine: the 1947 Vincent H.R.D. which he used last year.
(TT Special, 15 June 1949)

Name Variant: George *Brown

Competed in

1953 Senior TTRNorton
1953 Junior TT163:11:30.8082.76AJS
1952 Senior TT73:00:35.8087.75Norton
1952 Junior TT63:07:33.4084.5AJS
1951 Junior TT143:09:22.4083.69AJS
1949 Clubman 1000 TT52:16:45.0049.67Vincent
1948 Clubman Senior TT62:03:18.6073.48HRD


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