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Peter Burgess

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2002 Lightweight MGP231:36:11.0094.13Honda
2000 Senior MGP411:28:20.00102.49Honda
2000 Junior MGP611:27:21.00103.65Honda
1997 Senior MGP661:29:39.00101Honda
1997 Junior MGP531:29:03.00101.68Honda
1996 Lightweight MGP231:29:28.00101.2Yamaha
1996 Junior MGP561:28:32.00102.27Yamaha
1995 Lightweight MGP231:28:50.00101.92Yamaha
1995 Junior MGPRYamaha
1994 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1994 Junior MGPRYamaha
1993 Lightweight MGP401:34:11.0096.13Yamaha
1993 Junior MGP491:32:08.0098.28Yamaha
1992 Lightweight MGPRSuzuki
1992 Junior MGP541:34:34.0095.74Suzuki
1991 Lightweight Newcomers MGP141:38:01.0092.37Suzuki
1991 Lightweight MGP431:38:20.0092.07Suzuki


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