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Barry Clay

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1998 Junior Classic MGP432:05:16.0072.28Saxon Ducati
1997 Junior Classic MGP441:28:19.0076.89Ducati
1995 Junior Classic MGP422:07:27.0071.04Ducati
1994 Junior Classic MGPRDucati
1993 Junior Classic MGPRDucati
1992 Junior Classic MGPRDucati
1991 Junior Classic MGP322:21:37.0063.94Ducati
1989 Lightweight MGP501:47:44.0084.04Spondon
1989 Junior MGP472:46:26.0081.6Spondon
1988 Junior MGPRSpondon
1987 Lightweight MGP501:54:43.0078.93Spondon
1987 Junior MGPRSpondon
1986 Lightweight MGP331:45:54.0085.5Yamaha
1986 Junior MGP412:38:14.0085.83Spondon
1985 Senior MGP692:46:34.0081.546Spondon
1985 Junior MGP502:46:46.0081.448Spondon
1984 Senior MGPRSpondon Yamaha
1984 Junior MGPRSpondon Yamaha
1983 Senior MGP542:40:58.0084.37Spondon
1983 Junior MGP452:41:40.0084.01Yamaha
1982 Junior Newcomers MGP151:54:53.0078.81Spondon Yamaha


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