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Robert Dowty

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 27, Bob Dowty comes from Douglas, Isle of Man and is a garage proprietor. He has been a consistent Manx Grand Prix competitor since 1951, winning six replicas. In the 1954 Senior he was sixth and in 1956 he was third in the Junior and sixth in the Senior. His best all-round performance was last year when he was fourth in the Junior at 87.55 mph and third in the Senior at 89.77, bringing the replica score to the round half-dozen.

(TT Special Thursday, September 11, 1958 p16)

Gender: Male

Name Variant: Dowty, Bob

Competed in

1958 Senior MGP52:31:06.0089.89Norton
1958 Junior MGP52:37:32.0086.23Norton
1957 Senior MGP32:31:18.0089.77Norton
1957 Junior MGP42:36:42.0086.69Norton
1956 Senior MGP62:34:01.0088.19Norton
1956 Junior MGP32:37:14.0086.39Norton
1955 Senior MGP122:39:48.0085Norton
1955 Junior MGP102:42:20.0083.67Norton
1954 Senior MGP62:55:49.0077.26Norton
1954 Junior MGPR0Norton
1953 Senior MGPR0Norton
1953 Junior MGPR0AJS
1952 Senior MGP162:43:58.0083.25Norton
1952 Junior MGPR0Douglas
1951 Junior MGP473:21:08.0067.54Douglas


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