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Chris East

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Sadly died, aged 55, competing in the 1998 Senior Classic MGP.

Competed in

1998 Senior Classic MGPRMatchless
1997 Senior Classic MGP121:33:19.0097.02Matchless
1997 Junior Classic MGP141:15:37.0089.8Seeley
1996 Senior Classic MGP271:36:44.0093.6Matchless
1996 Junior Classic MGPRMatchless
1995 Senior Classic MGP91:34:44.0095.57Matchless
1993 Senior Classic MGP161:34:15.0096.06Matchless
1992 Senior Classic MGP181:36:14.0094.08Matchless
1991 Senior Classic MGP111:35:32.0094.78Matchless
1990 Senior Classic MGP101:36:25.0093.91Matchless
1989 Senior Classic MGP71:34:50.0095.48Matchless
1988 Senior Classic MGPRMatchless
1987 Senior Classic MGP121:14:33.0091.08Matchless
1974 Senior MGP392:46:41.0081.48Matchless
1972 Senior MGP122:34:38.0087.83Matchless
1971 Senior MGP142:33:14.0088.65Matchless
1970 Senior MGP182:34:34.0087.89Matchless
1969 Senior MGP282:41:08.0084.3Matchless
1968 Senior MGP162:43:38.0083.02Matchless
1967 Senior MGPRMatchless
1966 Junior MGP502:54:05.0078.03AJS
1965 Junior MGP502:58:08.0076.26AJS


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