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Adam Easton

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Adam Easton sadly lost his life aged 71, during the fourth and final lap of the 2011 Senior Classic MGP after crashing his Norton at Lambfell.

Competed in

2011 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
2010 Senior Classic MGP111:41:05.0089.572Norton
2010 Junior Classic MGP171:46:22.0085.124Norton
2009 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
2008 Senior Classic MGP281:22:26.0082.383Norton
2008 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
2005 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
2005 Junior Classic MGP211:44:31.0086.637Norton
2004 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
2004 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
2003 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
2003 Junior Classic MGP221:43:50.0087.19Norton
2002 Senior Classic MGP171:38:11.0092.21Norton
2002 Junior Classic MGP241:45:40.0085.69Norton
1998 Senior Classic MGP261:14:31.0091.13Norton
1998 Junior Classic MGP271:46:09.0085.29Norton
1997 Senior Classic MGP331:39:56.0090.59Norton
1997 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
1996 Senior Classic MGP371:39:16.0091.2Norton
1996 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
1995 Senior Classic MGP301:39:16.0091.21Norton
1995 Junior Classic MGP231:43:51.0087.19Norton
1994 Senior Classic MGP551:55:26.0078.44Norton
1994 Junior Classic MGP392:02:28.0073.93Norton
1993 Senior Classic MGP431:43:48.0087.23Norton
1993 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
1991 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
1991 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
1990 Senior Classic MGP411:50:08.0082.21Norton
1990 Junior Classic MGP281:54:40.0078.96Norton
1989 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
1988 Senior Classic MGPRNorton
1988 Junior Classic MGPRNorton
1987 Junior Classic MGP231:23:49.0081.01Norton
1986 Junior Classic MGP351:32:12.0073.65Norton
1985 Senior Classic MGP241:27:10.0077.901Norton
1984 Historic 350 TT221:37:55.8069.35Norton
1983 Junior Classic MGP281:26:56.0078.11Norton


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