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Helmut Fath

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 30, Helmut Fath is a "Feinmechaniker" and comes from Ursenbach, Germany. He has been very suecessful in Continental Sidecar races during the past three seasons. He did not score any actual wins In 1956 but he was second in the Sambre et Meuse, Floreffe, and Chimay races, and third at Hockenheim and Nurnberg – and third again in the German Grand Prix.

In 1957 he won events at Moulins (France) and Bilbao (Spain) and collected four "thirds" - at St Wendel, Hohenstein - Ernsttal, the Nurburgring and Nurnberg, In last year's Sidecar TT - his first appearance in the Island he was running fifth on the fourth lap, but retired soon afterwards. He had better luck on the Continent, however, for he was third in the Sidecar classes of the Dutch TT, and Belgian Grand Prix, and third again at Landvoort and Senora del Pilar. Last month he won the Sidecar race at Mettet.

(TT Special, 8 June 1959, p.20)

Nationality: German

Competed in

1969 Sidecar 500 TT31:15:00.0090.56URS
1968 Sidecar 500 TT41:17:49.0087.28URS
1967 Sidecar TTRURS
1960 Sidecar TT11:20:45.8084.1BMW
1959 Sidecar TT41:33:51.0068.98BMW
1958 Sidecar TTRBMW


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