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Chic Flockhart

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1993 Senior Classic MGP551:48:00.0083.83Velocette
1993 Junior Classic MGP351:57:04.0077.34Velocette
1992 Senior Classic MGP371:44:16.0086.84Velocette
1991 Senior Classic MGPRVelocette
1991 Junior Classic MGP181:48:56.0083.12Velocette
1990 Senior Classic MGP241:42:00.0088.76Velocette
1990 Junior Classic MGP332:01:01.0074.82Velocette
1989 Senior Classic MGP201:42:17.0088.52Velocette
1989 Junior Classic MGP331:22:01.0078.72Velocette
1988 Senior MGPRVelocette
1988 Junior Classic MGP481:59:51.0075.54BSA
1987 Senior MGPRTriumph
1987 Senior Classic MGP231:18:41.0086.3Velocette
1986 Senior MGP672:41:50.0083.92Triumph
1986 Senior Classic MGPRVelocette
1985 Senior MGP682:45:11.0082.224Triumph
1985 Senior Classic MGP231:26:08.0078.844Velocette
1984 Senior Newcomers MGP101:43:13.0087.73Ducati


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