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Horst Fugner

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 36, Horst Fugner is a professional racing man and tester for the East German M.Z. factory in Zschopau, and lives in Karl Marxstadt. He was East German road racing champion in 1956.

Fugner won the 250 c.c. class at Tubbergen in 1957 and was second in the 125 c.c. races at Salzburg. Tubbergen, Zandvoort and Norisring; he was also second in the 125 c.c. Saar Grand Prix.

Last year, like his learn-mate Degner, he was entered for both Lightweight TT races, but was a non-starter in the "250"; he finished sixth, however, in the "125" with a Silver replict. Last month he won the 250 c.c. class of the Austrian Grand Prix and was second in the 125.

Hobby: Painting.

(TT Special, 8 June 1959, p.20)

Nationality: German

Competed in

1959 Ultra Lightweight TT41:30:11.6071.91MZ
1959 Lightweight TTRMZ
1958 Ultra Lightweight TT61:33:43.8069.07MZ


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