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Harry Grant

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Junior - Velocette

Age 25, another of the band of newcomers to the Island. Harry Grant is a motor mechanic of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire. He rode in the 1951 North West “200” and finished in both the Junior and Senior races on a 348 c.c. Norton. He now rides a 1950 348 c.c. Velocette.
(TT Special, 9 June 1952, p.12.)

Mounts: Junior – B.S.A.
Senior – B.S.A.

Age 30, Harry Grant is a motor mechanic from Kincardine-on-Forth, Scotland. He rode in the 1951 North-West 200, finishing in both Junior and Senior races on a 350 c.c. Norton.

His first T.T. was the 1952 Junior, in which he was 41st, and a year later he finished 38th in the same race, on both occasions riding a 1950 Velocette. After two years’ absence he returned to the island to ride a B.S.A. in the Junior event in which race he finished 35th winning a Bronze Replica.
(TT Special, 5 June 1957, p.12.)

Age 34, Harry Grant is a motor mechanic and comes from Kincardine-on-Forth, Scotland. He has had plenty of experience of the Mountain Course, for he rode on it at far back as 1949—in the Junior Clubman's T.T., retiring with a seized engine. In 1952 and '53 he rode Veloccttes in the Junior T.T., collecting a couple of bronze replicas and he finished 35th on a B.S.A. in the 1956 Junior T.T. and 46th in the 1957 Junior, but retired in the Senior of that year.
In 1959 Harry finished 33rd in the Junior T.T. at 86.15 m.p.h., with a Silver replica, and18th in the Senior. He only got a Finishers Award for the latter, but he had the honour of being the first rider of a 330 c.c. machine in the Senior race. He was 33rd again in last year's Junior T.T. with another Silver, and although he did not finish so far up in the Senior - 30th against 18th - he collected a Bronze Replica and was again first "350" to finish.
Soon after the T.T. Harry went over to Ireland and on his 350 Norton collected the "Best Visitor" award in the Killinchy "150". (TT Special, 12 June 1961, p. 27)

Competed in

1962 Senior TTRBSA
1962 Junior TT262:38:01.4085.97Norton
1961 Senior TTRBSA
1961 Junior TT352:38:49.2085.53Norton
1960 Senior TT302:35:54.0087.13Norton
1960 Junior TT332:37:03.0086.49Norton
1959 Senior TT183:42:28.6071.24Norton
1959 Junior TT333:03:57.2086.15Norton
1957 Senior TTRBSA
1957 Junior TT463:18:46.4079.73BSA
1956 Junior TT353:26:51.6076.61BSA
1953 Junior TT383:21:54.0078.49Velocette
1952 Junior TT413:27:16.0076.46Velocette
1949 Clubman Junior TTRAJS


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