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Ken James

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 34, Kenneth Walter James comes from Christchurch, Hants., and is an electrical Inspector at the De Havilland Aircraft Co., of Christchurch. He finished 14th in the 1954 Junior Clubman's Trophy Race on a B.S.A.. and at Silverstone Saturday the next year he won the 350 c.c. Clubman's race at 74.02 m.p.h. Still as a "Junior Clubman", he was seventh in the Isle of Man in 1955 and ninth in 1956.

His principal successes have been in the Thruxton 9 hours race. In 1955 he was first in the "350" and second in the "all classes" event, and in 1956 he won the "all classes", whilst at Castle Combe he won the non-experts race.

He rode a "Gold Star" B.S.A. in the 1957 Junior and finished 52nd at 76.80 m.p.h., but In the Lightweight (250) on an M. and F. Excelsior he retired on the eighth lap. Last year he rode in the Junior and Lightweight (250) TT races and finished in both - 49th and 13th respectively, collecting a couple of Finishers Awards.

Hobbies: "Liquid food" and laughs!

(TT Special, 8 June 1959, p.22)

Age 23, and comes from Ringwood, Hants. Began road racing last year and competed as Blandford, Haddenham and Warminster. Also rode in the Senior Clubman’s and came home last after running out of petrol at the bungalow and pushing and coasting until the finish. Machine, B.S.A. Gold Star. Hobbies: Ski-ing and yachting.

Entered by Ringwood M.C. and L.C.C.
(TT Special, 7 June 1950, p.19.)

Competed in

1961 Ultra Lightweight TTRDucati
1959 Lightweight TTRExcelsior
1959 Junior TT303:02:15.2086.96AJS
1958 Lightweight TT1366.88Excelsior
1958 Junior TT493:35:09.4074.35AJS
1957 Lightweight TTRExcelsior
1957 Junior TT523:26:20.6076.8BSA
1956 Clubman Junior TT91:27:39.6077.48BSA
1955 Clubman Junior TT71:30:28.0064.41BSA
1954 Clubman Junior TT141:56:57.2077.48BSA
1952 Clubman Senior TT21:50:28.6081.97Norton
1952 Clubman Junior TT31:55:24.6078.47Norton
1951 Clubman Junior TT412:39:20.0056.84Norton
1950 Clubman Junior TTRBSA
1949 Clubman Senior TT312:06:21.0053.76AJS


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