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Albert Jones

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Junior – Norton
Lightweight – Excelsior
Senior – Norton

Age 34, a representative for Swallow Chairs and Gads, of Flixton, Manchester, Arnold Jones has had many successes in short circuit tracks, such as Altcar, Eppynt, Esholt, Rhydymwyn, Scarborough, and Silverstone. He raced a Rudge at Donington before the war and again in the Manx Grand Prix of 1947. He retired in this event, however, as he did also in the Manx of the following year, when running fourth on the same machine.

Riding a Guzzi he was just within first-class replica time in the 1950 Lightweight T.T., finishing 6th at a speed of 71.17 m.p.h., but was forced to retire in the Junior after completing six laps on a Norton.

He is entered in the Junior and Senior by Eric Williams, of Worcester, on new type Nortons, and in the Lightweight by Bill Webster, of Crewe. His Excelsior in this race is a combination of the “Mechanical Marvel” frame with Webster’s own rear suspension and a rare “one off” works engine of unknown performance.
(TT Special, 6 June 1951, p.10.)

Age 29 garage foreman of Blackburn, Lancs, Albert Jones rode in the 1951 125 cc TT, and finished fifteenth on an Anelay-DMW, at 48.50 mph. His principal successes have been at the Wallasey Sand Championships where he was third in 1949 and first the following year.

He rode a Norton in last year's Junior TT, but retired on the last lap; and he did not have any better luck in the 125 cc event in which, on the same machine that he rode in the 1951 "Tiddler's" race, he retired on the third lap.

He is entered by Shuttleworh and Geldart, of Blackburn.
(TT Special, 10 June 1953, p.8.)

Mounts: Junior—A.J.S.

Age 37, Arnold Jones raced a Rudge at Donington pre-war, and since then he has built up a list of successes at Altcar, Eppynt, Esholt, Rhydymwyn, Scarborough, and Silverstone. Riding a Rudge in the 1947 Manx Grand Prix he was forced to retire. The same thing happened in the same event on the same machine the following year.

He changed to a Guzzi for the Lightweight T.T. of 1950 and finished sixth at a speed of 71.17 m.p.h. but was forced to retire in the Junior after completing six laps. In 1951 he competed in the Lightweight, Junior, and Senior T.T. races, and won two second-class replicas. He finished ninth in the Lightweight on an Excelsior at 68.25 m.p.h., and 23rd in the Senior on a Norton at 80.40 m.p.h. In the Junior he ran out of petrol.

Last year he rode a Velocette in the Junior, retiring on the fifth lap, and an M. & F. Excelsior in the Lightweight, which he brought into eighth place to claim a “bronze”.

He is entered by Britax (London) Ltd.
(TT Special, 16 June 1954, p.18.)

Competed in

1957 Senior TT343:39:01.2082.69AJS
1957 Lightweight TT181:41:23.0063.8LMA spl
1957 Junior TT303:09:58.2083.43AJS
1956 Senior TTRMatchless
1956 Lightweight TT81:36:10.6060.58Norton
1956 Junior TTRAJS
1955 Senior TTRMatchless
1955 Junior TT503:27:41.0076.31AJS
1954 Senior TT352:00:16.0075.3Matchless
1954 Lightweight TTRRudge
1954 Junior TT302:17:17.0082.46AJS
1953 Ultra Lightweight TT51:40:39.0067.48MV
1953 Lightweight TT82:05:20.0072.26Excelsior
1953 Junior TTRVelocette
1952 Ultra Lightweight TTRAnelay
1952 Junior TTRNorton
1951 Ultra Lightweight TT151:33:16.8048.5Excelsior
1951 Senior TT233:17:07.2080.4Norton
1951 Lightweight TT92:12:40.8068.25Excelsior
1951 Junior TTRNorton
1950 Lightweight TT63:42:41.2071.17Guzzi
1950 Junior TTRNorton


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He was my god Farther and I think the guzzie is in the Sammy Miller Museum - M E Riley Report this

I remember When he delivered 3 Ducati Cuchiolos to the garage. They were in crates in the back of his car. C. 1951. Webb's Garage, ross-on-Wye. - Roger webb Report this