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Ivor Lloyd

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mounts: Junior - Norton
Lightweight - M & F Excelsior
Senior - Norton

Age 28, I.I. Lloyd - like Jack Ahearn - is a taxidriver. His home is in Bournemouth, and he is a graduate to the T.T. by way of the Clubman's and the Manx, being also known on the short circuits as a consistently successful rider on the M & F Excelsior and a 125 c.c. M.V.

Riding a B.S.A., he was sev enth in the 1953 Junior Clubman's and other races that season brought him success with both the M.V. and the M & F at Aberdare and elsewhere.

Though he retired in the 1954 Lightweight T.T. he won silver replicas in both Junior and 125 c.c. races, finishing 24th and fifth respectively.

At Thruxton, on Easter Monday, Lloyd was again mounted on the M & F and was second in the 250 c.c. event. He is entered for all three T.T. Races by Pinks of Harrow.
(TT Special, 8 June 1955, pp.9-10.)

Mounts: Junior—A.J.S.
Lightweight—M. & F. Excelsior

Age 27, I. I. Lloyd is a taxi driver, and comes from Bournemouth. A graduate to the T.T. this year by way of the Clubman’s and the Manx Grand Prix, Lloyd is also well known on the short circuits, and has been consistently successful with the 250 c.c. M. & F. and with the M.V.

Riding a B.S.A., he was seventh in last year’s Junior Clubman’s T.T. At Aberdare, a few weeks ago, he won the 125 c.c. race on his M.V., despite a very bad start—he was nearly last man away—finishing ahead of John Hogan and Brian Purlow, both of whom were mounted on M.V’s. In the 250 c.c. race he brought the M. & F. into third place.
(TT Special, 16 June 1954, p.20.)

Competed in

1956 Senior TTRNorton
1956 Junior TT223:17:33.4080.22Norton
1955 Senior TT222:59:12.2088.43Norton
1955 Lightweight TTRExcelsior
1955 Junior TT253:09:42.0083.54Norton
1954 Ultra Lightweight TT51:43:16.6062.68MV
1954 Lightweight TTRExcelsior
1954 Junior TT242:15:44.0083.4AJS
1953 Clubman Senior TTRTriumph
1953 Clubman Junior TT71:55:40.4078.29BSA


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