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Adrian Morris

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2023 Lightweight MGP1922:07.065102.352Yamaha
2022 Lightweight MGP1243:19.528104.502Yamaha
2019 Lightweight Classic TT2001:07:33.491100.527Yamaha
2019 Lightweight 1 MGP2801:08:32.68599.080Yamaha
2018 Ultra Lightweight 1 MGP901:11:27.11795.048Yamaha
2018 Lightweight Classic TT901:28:15.368102.601Yamaha
2017 Lightweight Classic TT1401:27:26.535103.556Yamaha
2016 Lightweight MGP191:13:30.5092.389Yamaha
2016 Lightweight Classic TT151:30:32.33100.014Yamaha
2015 Lightweight MGP221:36:51.7193.486Yamaha
2015 F2 Classic TT101:33:41.6696.646Yamaha
2014 F2 Classic TTRYamaha
2013 Formula 2 Classic TT91:33:55.0096.404Yamaha
2012 Junior Post Classic MGPRYamaha


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