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Don Padgett

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1984 Junior Classic MGP120:53:22.0084.81Aermacchi
1983 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi
1977 Senior MGPRPadgett Yamaha
1977 Lightweight MGP61:33:15.0097.09Padgett Yamaha
1976 Senior MGPRPadgett Yamaha
1976 Lightweight MGP171:36:04.0094.25Padgett Yamaha
1975 Senior MGP92:18:52.0097.81Padgett Yamaha
1975 Lightweight MGP191:43:06.0087.82Padgett Yamaha
1974 Senior MGP52:27:52.0091.85Padgett Yamaha
1974 Lightweight MGP21:16:08.0089.18Padgett Yamaha
1973 Senior MGPRYamaha
1973 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1972 Lightweight MGP51:37:32.0092.84Padgett Yamaha
1971 Senior MGPRPadgett Yamaha
1971 Lightweight MGP51:43:18.0087.67Padgett Yamaha
1970 Senior MGPRPadgett Yamaha
1970 Lightweight MGPRPadgett Yamaha
1969 Senior MGP222:37:57.0086Yamaha
1969 Lightweight MGP31:42:40.0088.21Yamaha
1967 Lightweight MGP31:23:15.0081.58Yamaha
1966 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1965 Lightweight MGP191:51:54.0080.93Yamaha
1964 Lightweight MGP251:59:48.0075.59Yamaha


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