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Jim Redman

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 29, Jim Redman is a motor cycle dealer, and comes from Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. He first rode in the T.T. in 1958, but had many successes in South Africa, from 1955 onwards, and in 1957 scored four firsts, and eleven seconds at Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, Bulawayo, Salisbury and other meetings.

In 1957 he also won the 500 c.c. class of the Port Elizabeth 200 and at Pietermaritzburg later in the month broke the lap record standing to the credit of Geoff Duke by half a second.

On his first visit to the Island in 1958 he won two Sliver replicas, for 24th place in the Junior and 19th in the Senior. In 1957 he was seventh in the 350 c.c. Formula I race, and 36th in the Junior T.T. with another Silver Grands Prix whilst early last year he won various events in South Africa. Coming over to Europe he won the 500 c.c. class of the Spanish Grand Prix, and riding in three T.T. races finished in all of them — 13th in the "125" (Bronze Replica), 19th in Junior (Silver Replica), but he retired on the fifth lap of the Senior.

After the T.T., Jim scored second places at British short circuit meetings and In Continental and 15th in the Senior, with another Silver.

On the Continent Jim scored a second, a third, two fourth, two fifths and a sixth in four World Championship events, whilst he also won the 350 c.c. class of the East German Grand Prix and was fourth in the "500". He then had five wins in South African races before coming back to Europe to collect two seconds and three thirds at Imola and in the Spanish, Saar and German G.P.'s. He was third again in the 125 c.c. class of last Whit Sunday's French Grand Prix. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p. 8.)


Name Variant: Jim *Redman

Competed in

1965 Lightweight TT12:19:45.8097.19Honda
1965 Junior TT12:14:52.20100.72Honda
1964 Ultra Lightweight TT21:13:46.0092.08Honda
1964 Lightweight TT12:19:23.6097.45Honda
1964 Junior TT12:17:55.4098.5Honda
1963 Ultra Lightweight TT61:18:44.6086.26Honda
1963 Lightweight TT12:23:13.2094.85Honda
1963 Junior TT12:23:08.2094.91Honda
1962 Ultra Lightweight TT51:19:38.0085.29Honda
1962 Lightweight TT22:23:23.6095.4Honda
1961 Ultra Lightweight TT41:20:04.2084.83Honda
1961 Lightweight TT32:01:36.2093.09Honda
1960 Ultra Lightweight TT131:31:00.8074.63Ducati
1960 Senior TT152:25:18.0093.49Norton
1960 Junior TT192:31:45.2089.52Norton
1959 Senior TTRNorton
1959 Junior TT363:06:46.2084.86Norton
1959 Formula 1 350 TT71:16:06.8089.23Norton
1958 Senior TT192:53:16.6091.45Norton
1958 Junior TT243:02:30.0086.84Norton


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