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Stuart Robinson

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2010 Senior Classic MGP141:44:35.0086.577BSA
2010 Junior Classic MGPRSeeley Goldstar
2009 Junior Classic MGP151:50:28.0081.965Seeley
2008 Senior Classic MGP341:25:31.0079.405BSA
2007 Junior Classic MGPRSeeley Goldstar
2006 Senior Classic MGP411:49:27.0082.732BSA
2005 Junior Classic MGP301:51:40.0081.09Seeley
2004 Junior Classic MGPRSeeley
2003 Senior Classic MGP321:45:13.0086.05BSA
2003 Junior Classic MGPRSeeley
2002 Senior Classic MGP401:51:07.0081.48BSA
2002 Junior Classic MGP351:54:09.0080.05Seeley
2000 Senior Classic MGPRBSA
2000 Junior Classic MGP371:52:24.0080.55Seeley
1999 Senior Classic MGPRBSA Goldstar
1997 Junior Classic MGP401:25:25.0079.5Seeley Goldstar
1996 Senior Classic MGP551:45:06.0086.15BSA Goldstar
1996 Junior Classic MGP341:49:30.0082.68Seeley Goldstar
1994 Senior Classic MGP391:44:46.0086.41BSA
1993 Senior Classic MGP571:49:13.0082.9BSA
1992 Senior Classic MGP511:52:40.0080.37BSA
1990 Senior Classic MGP502:10:57.0069.14BSA
1988 Senior Classic MGP481:54:33.0079.84BSA
1987 Senior Classic MGP401:28:29.0076.75BSA


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