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Neil Vicars

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2012 Supertwin MGP191:29:46.00100.863Suzuki
2012 Junior MGPRHonda
2012 Classic Superbike MGP91:30:22.00100.189Suzuki
2011 Supertwin MGP141:31:28.0098.996Suzuki
2011 Senior MGP411:29:17.00101.418Honda
2011 Junior MGPRHonda
2011 Classic Superbike MGP81:30:06.00100.489Suzuki
2010 Ultra Lightweight MGP211:29:22.00101.316Suzuki
2010 Senior MGP361:24:25.00107.267Honda
2010 Post Classic Senior MGPRSuzuki
2010 Junior MGP460:21:11.00106.838Honda
2009 Ultra Lightweight MGP261:31:00.0099.492Suzuki
2009 Senior MGP311:30:14.00100.336Honda
2009 Junior MGP481:24:47.00106.785Honda
2008 Senior MGP220:40:49.00110.926Honda
2008 Junior MGP301:03:46.00106.48Honda
2007 Junior MGP611:24:32.72107.105Honda
2006 Senior MGP381:25:26.00105.973Honda
2006 Junior MGP551:25:53.52105.425Honda
2005 Junior MGPRHonda
2005 Class A Newcomers MGP171:31:48.0098.629Honda


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