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Vern Wallis

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 26, Vernon Wallis is a from Tring, Herts. He has been racing since 1958 on many short circuits, and rode in the Manx for the first time last year. His luck was out, however, for he had to retire on the second Lap. (TT Special, 7 September 1961, p.13)

Senior – B.S.A.
Age 25, Vernon Wallis is a motor-cycle mechanic and comes from Tring, Herts. He does not say much on his “Who’s Who” form except that he has been “racing for years on most of the circuits in the country.”
(TT Special, 8 September 1960, p.25.)

Competed in

1973 Senior MGPRVelocette
1972 Senior MGPRVelocette Metisse
1971 Senior MGPRVelocette
1970 Senior MGPRVelocette
1969 Senior MGPRVelocette
1968 Senior MGPRVelocette
1967 Junior MGPRVelocette
1965 Senior MGP393:01:19.0074.92Norton
1964 Senior MGPRNorton
1964 Lightweight MGP181:55:53.0078.15Cotton
1963 Senior MGP212:39:02.0085.42Norton
1963 Junior MGPRVelocette
1962 Senior MGP312:52:24.0078.79Norton
1961 Junior MGPRVelocette
1960 Senior MGPR0BSA


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