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Graham Whittaker

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1986 Lightweight MGP261:41:07.0089.54Yamaha
1986 Junior MGPRYamaha
1985 Lightweight MGP201:41:32.0089.185Yamaha
1984 Lightweight MGP281:41:26.0089.26Yamaha
1983 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1982 Lightweight MGP241:53:42.0079.64Yamaha
1981 Lightweight MGP371:43:20.0087.62Yamaha
1980 Lightweight MGP461:52:23.0080.57Yamaha
1979 Lightweight MGP571:29:49.0076.21Yamaha
1973 Lightweight MGP291:48:06.0083.75Yamaha
1972 Lightweight MGP211:47:32.0084.2Yamaha
1971 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1970 Lightweight MGPRYamaha


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