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Jacques Wijns

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mount: Sidecar – B.M.W.

Age 36, Jack Wijns is a garage owner and motor cycle engineer from Borgerhout, Belgium. He began racing sidecars in 1948 in “Junior” events (the qualification referring to the driver’s experience not to the size of his machine!) and was upgraded to “Senior” racing a year later, at which time he began to participate in International races.

His experience includes Floreffe, Mettet, Zandfoort, Mosan, Chimay and Gedinne, and he has appeared in the 1954 Sidecar T.T., in which he finished 11th. Until the present season he has driven a Norton outfit, but he now switched to a B.M.W.

Jack states that his hobby is “dogs” – presumably breeding them, but he could mean betting on them!
(TT Special, 8 June 1956, p.18.)

Nationality: Belgian

Competed in

1956 Sidecar TTRBMW
1954 Sidecar TT111:47:13.2060.38Norton


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