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Brian Wyles

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2011 Lightweight MGP131:35:50.0094.485Honda
2011 Junior MGP521:39:13.0091.253Suzuki
2010 Ultra Lightweight MGPRHonda
2010 Junior MGP620:21:42.00104.268Suzuki
2009 Ultra Lightweight MGPRHonda
2009 Junior MGP711:27:58.00102.938Suzuki
2008 Ultra Lightweight MGP191:08:10.0099.61Honda
2008 Junior MGP661:06:41.00101.833Triumph
2007 Ultra Lightweight MGP161:33:59.3996.342Honda
2007 Junior MGP911:30:08.95100.447Triumph
2006 Ultra Lightweight MGP271:34:37.0095.701Honda
2006 Junior MGP771:29:23.38101.3Yamaha
2005 Ultra Lightweight MGP351:34:45.0095.566Honda
2005 Junior MGP741:31:29.0098.964Yamaha
2004 Ultra Lightweight MGP301:34:48.0095.51Honda
2004 Junior MGP871:31:28.0098.98Yamaha
2003 Ultra Lightweight MGP371:34:43.0095.59Honda
2003 Class C Newcomers MGP131:38:11.0092.21Honda


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