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William Young

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Junior – A.J.S.
Age 21, Willam Young is an engineer and welder, and comes from Shotts, Lanarkshire. He began racing last year with a 1957 350 c.c. Gold Star and had places at Errol and Kirkcaldy.

This year on an A.J.S. he has scored a first and second at Errol, a third at Kirkcaldy, a fourth at Charterhall, etc. His machine is a 1959 7R which he bought from Joe Potts, and on which Alastair King won the 1959 350 c.c. Formula I race in the Isle of Man.
(TT Special, 8 September 1960, p.25.)

Competed in

1960 Junior MGPR0AJS


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