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Lee Jennings

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Name Variant: Lee Jennings

Competed in

2022 Classic Senior MGP2101:17:44.98387.350Norton
2019 Lightweight Classic TT2101:08:53.38298.584Ducati
2019 Junior Classic TT2701:16:31.15988.754Molnar Manx
2018 Senior Classic TT2401:38:24.70492.013Dunnel
2018 Lightweight Classic TTRDucati
2018 Junior Classic TTRMolnar Manx
2017 Senior Classic TT1801:36:13.09394.111Dunnel
2017 Lightweight Classic TT3101:15:23.18590.088Suzuki
2016 Senior Classic TTRNorton
2016 Lightweight Classic TT211:18:55.1186.056Suzuki
2015 500 Classic TT321:21:05.3283.753Dunnel


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