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Debbie Barron

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Debbie Barron’s love of motorsport started when she was child, accompanying her marshalling parents to the races. After years of watching and being a marshal Debbie made the decision that one day she would ride a sidecar on the circuit. Her opportunity came in 2012 and after 22 years marshalling there were plenty of friends cheering her on.

“The last lap of the first ever race that I completed at the TT, it was like I had won the actual race, I was last by the way, but, the place went berserk they were waving beer cans and maps and people of all ages were shouting and cheering. Marshals were waving at me and flags were waving and I didn’t know what was going on, it was really very special, to me in my heart, as I was going past every single one of them I was thinking this is for you, we’re Manx this is for us, we can do it. And to anybody that says to somebody no you can’t or you’ll not be any good at it, that was a special moment.”

Debbie Barron was awarded the Susan Jenness Trophy for most meritorious TT performance by a female competitor in 2012.

Nationality: Manx

Gender: Female

Competed in

2017 Sidecar 2 TT251:11:56.30794.406Ireson Kawasaki
2017 Sidecar 1 TTRIreson Kawasaki
2016 Sidecar 2 TT321:10:01.06296.995Oscar
2016 Sidecar 1 TT291:11:43:40994.689Oscar
2015 Sidecar 2 TT301:10:07.1296.856Ireson Kawasaki Oscar
2015 Sidecar 1 TT341:09:54.8797.139Ireson Kawasaki Oscar
2014 Sidecar 2 TT241:08:56.1498.51Kawasaki Ireson
2014 Sidecar 1 TT291:09:56.2397.1Kawasaki Ireson
2013 Sidecar 2 TT321:09:48.5697.28Kawasaki
2013 Sidecar 1 TT421:17:23.8787.74Kawasaki
2012 Sidecar B TT331:18:10.8886.867Ireson Kawasaki


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