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Bob Brown

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 30, Bob Brown is a motor mechanic by trade; he was also a taxi-driver back home in Sydney, New South Wales. His first trip was in 1955 and he had, for the ocassion, a pair of brand-new machines, with which he competed in the North West "200" - most successfully too, for he was second man home in the 350 c.c race. "The 7R went very well," he says, "The course seemed a long way round, but we had fun !"

After the 1955 "North-West" he came on to the Island and rode in both Junior and Senior T.T. races as one of the official representitives of the A.C.C. of Australia. He was 46th in the Junior on an A.J.S. at 78.12 m.p.h (Bronze Replica) but on a matchless in the Senior he did much better, finishing 16th at 89.19 m.p.h and winning a "Silver."

In 1957 T.T. he was third on Gileras, in both Junior and Senior races and won "The Motor Cycle" Visitors Cup. Later he was fifth in the 350 "Belgian" on a Gilera and second in the 250 "Swedish" on an N.S.U. He ended the year well by winning the 125 c.c. class of the Australian T.T.-held on 29th December-on M.V.

In the 1958 T.T. races he was 14th in the Junior, fourth in the "250" and third in the Senior, winning three Silver Replicas, of course. He was second in the 350 c.c. class of the Ulster Grand Prix and on the Continent he scored seconds, thirds and fourths in the Dutch T.T. and the German, Swedish, Belgian and Italian Grand Prix. In the World's Championships he was third in both 350 and 500 c.c. classes.

He started of this year well by winning the 350 c.c. class of the Victorian Grand Prix - again on New Year's Day - and scoring seconds in the 125 and 500 c.c. races; he was second in the 350 Victorian T.T. in February, whilst in the Australian Grand Prix in March he was second in the Junior race and third in the Senior. He is entered for the T.T. by the A.C.C. of Australia in the Junior and Senior, and is riding a works Honda in the Lightweight. (TT Special 13 June 1960, p.16.)


Nationality: Australian

Competed in

1960 Senior TT62:19:51.4097.13Norton
1960 Lightweight TT42:06:53.8089.21Honda
1960 Junior TT212:32:10.2089.27Norton
1959 Senior TT33:10:56.4083Norton
1959 Junior TT72:51:53.2092.19Norton
1959 Formula 1 500 TT21:10:39.0096.14Norton
1958 Senior TT32:46:22.2095.25Norton
1958 Lightweight TT41:27:48.8073.72NSU
1958 Junior TT142:58:15.4088.91AJS
1957 Senior TT33:09:02.0095.81Gilera
1957 Lightweight TTRNSU
1957 Junior TT32:51:38.2092.34Gilera
1955 Senior TT162:57:40.6089.19Matchless
1955 Junior TT463:22:52.0078.12AJS


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