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William Day

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Name Variant: William *Day

Competed in

1983 Lightweight Classic MGP91:34:01.0072.22Greeves
1974 Lightweight MGP231:22:50.0081.98Yamaha
1973 Lightweight MGP151:41:41.0089.04Yamaha
1972 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1971 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1970 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1968 Senior MGP122:42:33.0083.48Crescent
1968 Lightweight MGPRTSR
1967 Lightweight MGP41:23:59.0080.87Greeves
1966 Lightweight MGP71:48:18.0083.25Greeves
1965 Lightweight MGPRGreeves
1964 Senior MGPRSpecial
1963 Senior MGP302:45:21.0082.15BSA


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