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Gary Dickinson

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 26, Richard [Gary] Dickinson is engaged in the motor trade and comes from Formby, Lancs. He first visited the Isle of Man in 1958 - only to retire on the fifth lap of the "125" - but he has raced at many short circuit meetings and has been "placed" in 125 c.c. events at Aintree, OuItun Park, Rhydymwyn and Sliverstone.

In 1959 he rode an M.V. in the 125 c.c. T.T. and finished 18th at 54.61 m.p.h., whilst last year, in the same race - but over the Mountain Course! - he was 11th at 75.36 m.p.h. and collected a Bronze Replica. At Charterhall last Whit Sunday he won the 125 c.c. race and at Aintree on the following day was second in the same class.

Hobbies: "Modern music and a little golf."
(TT Special, 12 June 1961, p. 22)

Competed in

1970 Ultra Lightweight TTRHonda
1969 Ultra Lightweight TT31:21:10.6083.67Honda
1968 Ultra Lightweight TT81:22:25.2082.41Honda
1967 Ultra Lightweight TT321:42:26.0066.31Honda
1966 Ultra Lightweight TT131:21:51.6082.98Honda
1965 Ultra Lightweight TT121:23:18.0081.54Honda
1964 Ultra Lightweight TT81:22:38.8082.19Honda
1963 Ultra Lightweight TT101:24:15.0080.62Honda
1961 Ultra Lightweight TT181:31:53.0073.92Ducati
1960 Ultra Lightweight TT111:30:07.6075.36Ducati
1959 Ultra Lightweight TT1854.61MV
1958 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV


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