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Vin Duckett

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 21, Vincent Duckett is an aircraft fitter and comes from Norbeck, Blackpool. This is his third racing season and so far he has ridden at Aintree, Cadwell Park, Charterhall, and Oulton Park. He retired with clutch trouble in the 1959 Senior Manx, but last year he finished 33rd at 82.81 m.p.h. He was eighth in this year's Clubman's 350 c.c. race, and 17th in the same class of the I.o.M. Southern "100".
His machine is a 1961 G50. model. Hobbies: "Making peg rugs and cooking—also making money. (TT Special, 5 September 1961, p.10)

Competed in

1999 Senior Classic MGP141:37:10.0093.18Seeley Matchless
1999 Junior Classic MGP91:36:05.0094.247R Seeley
1998 Senior Classic MGPRSeeley Matchless
1998 Junior Classic MGP131:39:10.0091.3Drixton Aermacchi
1997 Senior Classic MGP241:35:42.0094.61Seeley Matchless
1997 Junior Classic MGP131:15:31.0089.93Seeley 7R
1996 Senior Classic MGP161:34:31.0095.79Seeley Matchless
1996 Junior Classic MGPRDrixton Aermacchi
1995 Senior Classic MGP151:36:03.0094.27Seeley Matchless
1995 Junior Classic MGP111:39:50.0090.68Drixton Aermacchi
1994 Senior Classic MGP141:34:10.0096.15Seeley Matchless
1994 Junior Classic MGP371:59:43.0075.63Drixton Aermacchi
1993 Senior Classic MGP251:36:58.0093.37Matchless
1993 Junior Classic MGP101:37:43.0092.66Aermacchi
1992 Senior Classic MGPRMatchless
1992 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi
1991 Senior Classic MGP181:38:13.0092.19Seeley Matchless
1991 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi
1984 Historic 350 TT111:21:19.2083.51Aermacchi
1971 Senior TTRSeeley
1971 Junior TT152:15:03.6083.82Drixton
1970 Senior TT92:26:23.6092.8Matchless
1970 Junior TT202:32:41.0088.97Drixton
1969 Senior TT122:27:22.0092.18Matchless
1969 Junior TT202:31:58.4089.39Metisse
1968 Senior TTRMatchless
1968 Junior TT162:31:43.2089.54Aermacchi
1967 Senior TTRMatchless
1967 Junior TT192:24:40.4087.83AJS
1966 Senior TTRMatchless
1966 Junior TT202:33:41.2088.39AJS
1965 Senior TTRMatchless
1965 Junior TT332:37:08.2086.45Norton
1964 Senior TT232:30:35.8090.2Matchless
1964 Junior TT202:33:17.4088.62AJS
1962 Senior MGP82:34:51.0087.72Matchless
1962 Junior MGPRAJS
1961 Senior MGP122:30:16.0090.4Matchless
1960 Senior MGP332:44:02.0082.81BSA
1959 Junior MGPR0BSA


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