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Ray Fay

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mounts: Junior – A.J.S.
Senior – Norton.

Age 28, Raymond Fay is a motor cycle engineer, and comes from Liverpool.

His first Isle of Man rides were in the 1952 and ’53 M.G.P., and he turned to the T.T. in 1954.

He retired on the third lap of the Junior T.T., but in the Senior event he rode his 350 c.c. Norton and finished 43rd to win a Bronze Replica.

In 1955 he was 41st in the Junior T.T. and 42nd in the Senior. At Rhydymwyn he had a win in a 1,000 c.c. race.

A 19th place in the Junior event and a second lap retirement in the Senior race was his T.T. score in 1956.
(TT Special, 5 June 1957, p.11.)

Age 30, Raymond Fay is a motorcycle dealer from Liverpool. He has won races at Kirkby Mallory and Oulton Park and has been placed at Aintree and Silverstone. He has ridden in both Junior and Senior races since 1954 and has finished in six of the ten. His best place was in the 1956 Junior when he was 19th on a B.S.A at 81.13 m p.h. winning a Silver Replica. In 1957 he retired in the Junior but was 24th In the Senior at 86.69 m.p.h. with a "Bronze." Last year he was 21st in the Senior, with a Silver Replica.

(TT Special, 8 June 1959, p.20)

Mounts: Junior—Norton.

Age 25, Raymond Fay is a motorcycle engineer and comes from Huyton, Liverpool. This is his first ride as an “International,” but he is no newcomer to the Island, having ridden in the 1952 and 1953 Manx Grands Prix, finishing 27th in the 1953 Senior.

He is riding a 1953 Junior Norton in both races. Earlier this year, at Altcar, he was sixth in the 350 c.c. race and eighth in the 500 c.c. class on this machine.
(TT Special, 16 June 1954, p.12.)

Competed in

1960 Ultra Lightweight TT181:40:10.2067.81Suzuki
1960 Senior TTRMatchless
1960 Junior TT202:32:02.0089.35AJS
1959 Senior TTRNorton
1959 Junior TTRNorton
1958 Senior TT212:55:45.6090.16Norton
1958 Junior TTRNorton
1957 Senior TT243:28:54.4086.69Norton
1957 Junior TTRNorton
1956 Senior TTRBSA
1956 Junior TT193:15:21.0081.13BSA
1955 Senior TT423:11:17.4082.84BSA
1955 Junior TT413:16:39.8080.58BSA
1954 Senior TT432:02:23.0074Norton
1954 Junior TTRNorton
1953 Senior MGP272:54:39.0077.78Norton
1953 Junior MGPR0Norton
1952 Junior MGP603:19:54.0067.96Norton


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Brill Man bought my first motor bike off Ray Fay - Steve molyneux Report this

Bought a Manx Norton featherbed with a 650 Triumph engine basket case from Ray in 74 , was an awesome ride oh to be 18 again - Steve D. Report this

If its the same guy I worked for him at his motorcycle shop in Kensington Liverpool around 1975. A really nice bloke, bought my Suzuki Stinger from him - Griff Report this

Bought my T500 Suzuki from Ray, from his Kensington shop Liverpool. Looked after me great bloke. - Cass Report this

Bought my T500 Suzuki from Ray, from his Kensington shop Liverpool. Looked after me great bloke. - Cass Report this

My dad new him I bought a Suzuki gt 250 from him in 1977 - Don Report this