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Clifford Gobell

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Sadly he crashed on his first lap of the 1994 Senior Classic MGP at Quarry Bends and was killed instantly. He was 51-years-old.

Competed in

1994 Senior Classic MGPRWeslake
1993 Senior Classic MGP201:36:09.0094.17Weslake
1993 Junior Classic MGPRDucati
1992 Senior Classic MGPRWeslake
1992 Junior Classic MGP151:23:14.0081.58Ducati
1991 Junior Classic MGP51:38:05.0092.3Aermacchi
1990 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi
1989 Junior Classic MGP131:43:52.0087.17Aermacchi
1988 Junior Classic MGP111:39:21.0091.13Yamaha
1987 Junior Classic MGP31:13:26.0092.47Yamaha
1986 Junior Classic MGPRYamaha
1985 Junior Classic MGP21:13:57.0091.821Yamaha
1984 Lightweight MGP51:30:04.00100.53Yamaha
1983 Lightweight MGPRNice Yamaha
1982 Lightweight MGPRNice Yamaha
1981 Lightweight MGP51:30:51.0099.66Nice Yamaha
1980 Lightweight MGP81:36:58.0093.37Nice Yamaha
1979 Lightweight MGPRNice Yamaha
1978 Lightweight MGP251:17:54.0087.17Nice Yamaha
1977 Lightweight MGPRBDS Special
1976 Lightweight MGPR
1975 Lightweight MGPRYamaha


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