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Selwyn Griffiths

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 19, Selwyn Griffiths is a mechanic and comes from Little Mill, near Pontypool, Monmouthshire. He has raced at several short circuit meetings and last year scored a third in the same class at Thruxton, whilst last April he won a 350 c.c. race at Silverstone. His machine is a 1960 7R model.
(TT Special, 7 September 1961)

Competed in

1991 Senior Classic MGPRMatchless
1990 Senior Classic MGPRCowles Matchless
1990 Junior Classic MGP71:39:00.0091.46Cowles AJS
1989 Senior Classic MGP31:32:44.0097.64Matchless
1989 Junior Classic MGPRAJS
1988 Senior Classic MGPRMatchless
1988 Junior Classic MGPRAJS
1987 Senior Classic MGP31:09:43.0097.39Matchless
1975 Senior TT152:24:41.8093.87Matchless
1975 Production TT34:06:04.4097.54Triumph
1975 Junior TT171:55:30.4097.99Yamaha
1975 Classic TT142:19:52.8097.1Yamaha
1974 Senior TT92:06:43.6089.31Matchless
1974 Junior TT171:56:46.2096.93Yamaha
1974 Formula 750 TT112:22:32.2095.29Yamaha
1973 Senior TT92:24:25.2094.05Matchless
1973 Production 750 TTRBSA
1973 Junior TTRYamaha
1973 Formula 750 TTRTriumph
1972 Senior TT72:25:02.0093.66Matchless
1972 Junior TT62:00:13.8094.16Yamaha
1972 Formula 750 TTRTriumph
1971 Senior TT42:22:57.4095.03Matchless
1971 Junior TTRYamaha
1970 Senior TT72:25:13.6093.54Matchless
1970 Junior TT212:33:36.4088.44AJS
1969 Senior TT82:25:36.0093.3Matchless
1969 Junior TT62:29:27.6090.89AJS
1968 Senior TT192:31:09.2089.87Matchless
1968 Junior TTRAJS
1967 Senior TTRMatchless
1967 Junior TT172:33:17.0088.62AJS
1966 Senior TTRMatchless
1966 Junior TT152:32:34.8089.04AJS
1965 Senior TT52:36:08.6087Matchless
1965 Junior TT192:32:52.2088.88AJS
1964 Senior MGP12:21:06.0096.27Matchless
1964 Junior MGPRAJS
1963 Senior MGPRMatchless
1963 Junior MGP32:28:39.0091.38AJS
1962 Junior MGP42:36:34.0086.76AJS
1961 Junior MGP223:03:53.0073.87AJS


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Great bit of history of Selwyn Griffiths,Ray Cowls bike shop was local to me and I was always a fan,they used to service my old BSA. - Richard Mills Report this